Self-Aware Conceptualization thru Value System I


Before heading into self-awareness of AI. What defines self-awareness? I think therefore I am? However, it only declares the existence and thinking existing of yourself (mind). Without body. Without a way to prove the existence of anything, anyone with the exception of yourself. That goes nowhere, without application needs that goes beyond its conceptual depth.

Self-aware by an alternative way leads us the developers to the Turing test ( Keep in mind the original Turing test was supposedly text or speech (computer generated speech) as the mean of communication, it cuts down the complication of “human tier self-awareness). Turning test’s true breaking point was to see if computer will ever be able to simulate human’s ability to generate output based on text/speech input.

So, does it mean self-awareness mean the ability to generate “conscious behaviors” of output based on input? No. Self-awareness is still a mystery that even ourselves couldn’t truly define but Turning test did simplify an impossible task into something we can actually work towards into. Technically if Turning test wasn’t testing for human-type self-awareness, computers would already to be proven to be self-aware based on its ability to generate output based on its input. Technically math equations such as a + b = c would be self-aware within its own unique perspective of self-awareness (a stands for unique input different from b, and c stands for the output that must be different than a and b – in existence). Some might argue that self-awareness should be able to a + b = c or e or f. As the output should be “randomized” rather than constant c. That’s not entirely the story however, as nothing is randomized in the world. Lottery is supposed random but its based-on physics possibilities. Computer generated numbers is supposed random but if you can get the internal CPU clock you can replicate the random generated number (yes, the rand() function). In another words: everything happens for its absolute certainty, even the future is already existing facts. Take it for granted for now as we will ahead to future predictability and randomization concept later on.

So, self-awareness is literally a + b = c? Something we learned since grade school? Not really. Like computer is simply 010101010101010? Fundamental building block can be sand. A particle of sand. But if you used it the right way, complicated directions you can turn a sand into a sand castle. The growth of complexity is simple as a computer processing simple blocks of 01010101s into massive video games that resolves billions and billions of these equations per ms to generate frames of picture that turns into series of rotating pictures into video into 3d perception that we understand.



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