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I am remaking this page due to old page reveal too much unnecessary information.

This is my 3rd time remaking this page. I am Harvard Han, system philosopher and computer scientist. Although, do not call me computer scientist or system philosopher. Just call me Harvard just like I am a normal guy living on this planet.
First of my introduction to you, I will start with a most important piece of fact that will apply between co-relationship with you, as you progress down my research of system philosophy: I am an extremely dynamic person. I am not whom you think I am, and probably will never be. So it is pointless to say I am a kind person, when I am not. Don’t say I am a cruel person because I am not. Don’t say anything declarative about me, because they aren’t going to be an accurate term of describe whom I am. You can repeat what I said, which is that I am an extremely dynamic person. But in reality, I am an extremely conservative and stable person. It is, or I whom I am, is an advanced logic that currently, no language can describe; a higher conceptual level. Which is something you will learn about. But it is the least of importance compared to system philosophy itself.
There are only three things I am good at in life that will probably stay until the end. These three things aren't influenced by time, or any possible future events for the most part. So you can say these three things are my king cards to life. First card is philosophical research. Second card is computer knowledge. Third card is system penetration. Three cards, three tiers of power, they don't cross each other in any regards, the difference of power differential between first tier and second is incalculable. Philosophical research is the card that keeps my life meaningful for the most memorable parts, it is a card that I devote my life upon as the highest priority. I don't necessarily take the king card, first card as system philosophy because philosophical research is always more than system philosophy, although, for the most part it is heavily dependent on system philosophy as its weight suggests. My personal values is in the first card, I guess I can be defeated in life if my first card is defeated. As it was said, three cards, only the first card really matters in the end that decides everything. So the second and the third card are supportive cards. Second card as in computer knowledge, that can possibly stable my life with my knowledge over a decade of computer usage and learning, it would at least help me to find a stable location in the society if the first card failed. It is like if you failed to become the president for example, you would try to pursue a normal career that stables your life with decent earning and enough money to get thru life until the end. Third card is system penetration. System penetration is a survivalist card with risks that tends to get lower and lower depend on your skill and knowledge about the system. I personally believe system penetration is a key to earn first card, as system philosophy often times requires you to think outside of the rules. And system penetration skill is a multi-element based skill that is rather difficult to be learned or taught on case by case basis, so there are natural born elements involved. System penetration is a survivalist card because you can survive the worst situations in most of the systems. There is no right or wrong, it is all about getting what you want, done, with minimized penalty or effort. It is all about finding issues with systems that is either man-made or universally formed systems, using the problems to your advantage. But it is heavily skill dependent. Most of the people aren't skilled enough at this to actually make a living out of it, some of the people never gets the chance to discover any of issues that they can use upon, some people end up losing more than what they can benefit from the system. So emphasis on the skill level as it will determine everything.
The reality of my card game have been the fact that the first card already won the game for me. It is optional for me to play the game any more. I already know the grand prize for winning the game, and the first card won me a greater prize than the grand prize for winning the game. The game is the game of life itself, the grand prize is different for every "winner", but my first card allows me to grab all of the grand prizes out of everyone's hands. There is no requirements for my style of winning the game, because I won the game outside of the game system itself. On a system outside of the game. Some say my winning is like I won for the president while inside playing a game of chess. Some say I won on a conceptual scale that nulled the current game of life that I am playing in. I would say I won on a top system that basically secured the best possible winning solution for every single outcome of the sub system (game) of the top system. Some may argue that every winner is the best possible win, some may even argue that everyone have their absolute pre-determined win, some say no one wins. But it doesn't matter. I only won with my own method, system philosophy, I can secure my position of winning indefinitely. It is up to you to either try to catch up to my path or to find your own path, even though starting new is often blocked by the nature of the sub system.
Less about me. More about you, let’s get the boring crap out of the way. I am the lead researcher on system philosophy main branch of study. This research program and system philosophy experiment have been undergoing for the last 3 years. Although, I wouldn’t recommend to assume the research project by looking at its year count.
System philosophy as a main branch of research is separated out on different smaller branches: Value system and universal system. There are countless system philosophies in existence, but those two are the most essential system philosophy in existence right now and as for the rest of the existence of time. I am also the researcher for the side research of: realization process of existing system philosophy, declaration of infinite, and data logic.
It is up to you to discover interest in system philosophy although the word “interest” couldn’t possibly express your need for it if you know what it is. Which it is still something for you to find out.
In the end, everything you want to know about me is actually embedded within system philosophy itself. It was my sacrifice made to be a living system philosophy, with every action and choice made to reflect system philosophy in my every possible way. Your perception about me, will depend on your perception about system philosophy, which I hope you will glue up the pieces within your mind. After all, system philosophy is currently the most complex philosophy in the world in return solves the impossibles. Simply reading on itself won't do anything. You will have to think about all of the pieces together.


For doxers:

It is pointless to get my email, my facebook, my twitter, my location, my age wee you can get online. I fake all of my information online, I have infinite amount of email addresses, my cellphone numbers are redirected from temporary numbers to a prepaid card, what you think that you can do? Get the approximate city I live in? Trace my prepaid cellphone card to get its courier? Its approximate signal location? LOL come on guys. Show me something professional. Also for security reasons everything you do, which includes your cursor moving is tracked for analysis process. Although, your information will never be disclosed or shared with any 3rd party bitches. Your virginity is safe with me.

And also, I was just joking. Don't take it seriously. And yes. Every pieces of joke is system philosophy topic for your brain. Take it scientifically, less or so.

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