Website's security:

First, we will have to head up that we do not have any malicious virus on our website. You don’t have to worry about virus or anything like that. All your important personal info saved on our server will be encrypted and will not be disclosed.

Recent DDOS attack happened on 8-10-2012 changed some of our security measures:
Now our website is protected by CloudFlare.
Everyday our website will be scanned by SiteLock.
IP ban is now further improved.
Backup SSL connection will be given to high priority users if all of the above failed.

Note: We do take security measures very seriously. Please report any security issue with our website; you will be rewarded for doing so.

website security

Our website system features exclusive host distribution system. Contents are distributed on top of cloudflare but also on a different servers. If one server goes down, the second server will keep some of the web content up, and so on. Example: if crashed 404. Link transfer to with the same function. If give 404, client will be transfered to

Of course, this functionality will kick in if our website recieve too much traffic. It is generally disabled for none-essential pages.


To be implementated on next possible attack:

- Customized one way encryption with military class obfuscations + advanced pattern-based key to data cross-check logarithm. For user databases.