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Free 2 win (Gaming Guide)

05/04/14 9:05 PM | Comments (0) | Posted By: harvard1932


There is rarely any free 2 play (win) games, and free 2 play multiplayer games are just  nearly impossible to find now a days. If you wonder what is the difference between pay 2 play and free 2 play. The best definition is actually: pay 2 win/play is when you can pay real money for ANY TYPE of benefit to play the game or to become BETTER at th...

Pay 2 win (gaming guide)

05/04/14 1:02 AM | Comments (1) | Posted By: harvard1932



Before getting into the guide, I did like to say I hate pay 2 win games. I try to avoid pay 2 win game mechanics as much as possible. But I feel for the game developers who do need pay 2 win strategy to make a living.

I am making this guide because I got random in me. I used to be a Diablo 3 gold seller, I played many pay 2 win games and...