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MLP RPG players: Fake [email protected] emails WARNING.

26/03/14 9:19 PM | Comments (0) | Posted By: harvard1932

Screenshot 2014-03-26 13.56.24

My account isn't hacked. I am 100% certain that my account [email protected] isn't sending any AD emails.

However, as secure precaution. I changed my yahoo's random generated password to 20 characters password.

Whoever is doing that, is using SMTP faking my email address to send out fake emails. DO NOT CLICK on those URL.

If you are tech...

Darkky MC Unscheduled Maintenance Over – Problem solved and outcome summary

18/02/14 1:41 AM | Comments (0) | Posted By: harvard1932



The problem is solved. Crash is fixed and user will no longer disconnect.


World chunk automated scanning failed to pick up chunk error.

Removed all entities in world and stopped all server chunk processing function. Still didn't fix the problem.

Manual sectional wipe for that part of the world had to be done.

So world chunk:...

Darkky MC Unscheduled Maintenance – Chunk corruption

18/02/14 12:23 AM | Comments (0) | Posted By: harvard1932



Ok. Fuck. /warp aaron:

world: world x: 566.5294736878669 y: 78.0 z: 1756.7933212179419 yaw: -97.49911 pitch: 21.436771

Got some map corruption that everyone who loads that chunk would instant crash and server would also crash.

I am trying to fix the chunk manually thru scanning process. It will take approx at least 1 hour if lucky.


MLP RPG and Darkky MC – Development Pause

12/02/14 11:03 PM | Comments (0) | Posted By: harvard1932



Development for MLP RPG and darkky MC will be delayed until later date. Probably until March.

Recently received some prioritized research topics that needs to be worked on ASAP.

Darkky Hybrid Survival Server – Staff rules and powers:

05/02/14 8:29 PM | Comments (0) | Posted By: harvard1932

As level 1 admin(MODS/Test Admins):

You have ALL of the essential powers. Such as ban, kick, disconnect, teleport. Check http://wiki.ess3.net/wiki/Command_Reference You can change your game mode. You can disguise as monsters, spawn monsters, invisibility, etc.  

As level 2 admin – promoted when you are doing a great job:

You will hav...