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MLP RPG P2: Steadily Resuming + Road Bump Clearifications

17/07/16 9:20 AM | Comments (21) | Posted By: harvard1932


I have just recently returned from my vacation. Since I have graduated, my dream of continuing my own game project would continue just as before.

However, while continuing onto the project, it is expected that there will be financial pressures. After all, college expenses wasn't cheap. So therefore, I will be working while maintaini...

Log In Function Restored + MLP RPG P2 March Update

29/03/16 1:07 AM | Comments (0) | Posted By: harvard1932



Log in and sign up function are restored. BP system are account system are separate. So, BP functions will remain functional even during downtime of AMS.

Reason for the error: The host was renewed. So server configurations was messed up a bit. Nothing big happened though.

MLP RPG P2 progress is steady. Feel free to play PRE-BETA build o...

MLP RPG P2: Development Progress

13/01/16 11:32 AM | Comments (5) | Posted By: harvard1932


A LOT and A LOT of bug fixes.

We are close to being working on the game play. There will be 4 new characters unlocked for P2 (if you want more than just mane 6 of course). The game is stepping closer and closer each day into becoming a better game.

PRE-BETA is launched that everyone can play and try the mechanics of the game out. Be a part o...

MLP RPG P2 – Combat Sys Preview (Pre-BETA)

16/11/15 8:33 PM | Comments (40) | Posted By: harvard1932

 Yep. A total re-design.

boss test

My personal favorite is the Boss HP Bar. It already hints at the difficulty of the bosses, doesn't it? :)

MLP RPG Part 2 – Early BETA

08/11/15 10:04 AM | Comments (2) | Posted By: harvard1932


If you want to play the cutting edge early BETA of the game feel free to play it at http://game.darkkyshadow.com/dashboard/ unofficially.

You will have to clear web cache constantly to keep the game content up-to-date. Being involved in early BETA have hidden rewards as well, if you help debug the game!

Current debug issue:

I want to co...