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Darkky Minecraft 1.5 days rollback + causes

01/03/13 6:46 AM | Comments (0) | Posted By: harvard1932

Shit happens. Windows Azure VPS had some agreement issues. So server switch will instead happen on march around 27th...... Sorry for 1.5 days of rollback.   Updated VPS stat would be: 3.5 GB RAM, dual core CPU. <----- enough for 50 players when my server never get 20 players lol. It was ambitious of me to put a 14GB server for few pl...

Darkky Blog UPGRADE V2.0

17/02/13 1:42 AM | Comments (0) | Posted By: harvard1932


Wordpress is the gayest blog system I ever seen, it make some web designers eat dirt as most of the plugins are FREE and available for public openly. But I guess it is a good thing because it improve how internet works overall. Anyways after spending 3 hours messing around with WordPress....  Update log:
  • New comment system and cooper...

V1.999 HOTFIX + Happy Valentine’s day

15/02/13 1:15 AM | Comments (0) | Posted By: harvard1932


HOTFIX for V1.999. Same as always, you can check update log on download page. New player counter is added to statistics page. Counter update player online status every 30 minutes (avoid code spams).

SERVER POPULATION [email protected]#@!#@ FUCK.

09/02/13 5:04 AM | Comments (0) | Posted By: harvard1932

Ok. Look, I can't keep darkky minecraft up if I am only looking at like 0-10 player online every day while most of the time is like 3 players. I don't need any DONATION AT ALL! Just spread the game, make it popular and I will make this server more epic! Sadly, I can't make it more epic without popularity support. So............ spam pos...