Server Rules (For OP and players): 

Hacking - Instant Ban (I have the log of everything you do. Include client side modding)

Griefing - Currently allowed in the wilderness

Advertising - Instant IP and username ban

Accept item from OP isnt allowed (2 Warnings = Ban, sometimes OP will give player items as test; if player failed then it is ban! )

PVP is not allowed in spawn. PVP is allowed in wilderness

Do not talk to Admin unless it is something urgent (Exclude colored named players)- 3 warnings = 3 day ban, 4 warnings = 7 days ban, 5 warnings = permanent ban.

Extra: Server newly added faction protection, sign protection, LWC all for free for players

More to be added.


Donator rules (Must read if you are a donator):

- You cannot give free items to players (Except items you earned , Admin's items and diamond pickaxe for the starters, 2 warning = out).

- Only Mod Jinwen1234 and Admin can modify protected land(2 warning = out)

- Admin have the right to remove your OP power if you do anything stupid such as using commands to shut down the server. I have the logs and 2 warnings you are out. No exceptions.

- Don't spam TNT! Place 20 at max. And you cannot use it in populated area and other people's property! ( 2 warnings = out)

- Don't put anything rare in your chest that's unprotected!

- You cannot OP anyone or deop anyone. Except Admin (No warning = out)

- Unfair bans without reasoning (2 warnings = out)

- Selling stuff that OP spawned to store or to players (2 Warnins = out)

- Again /stop or any command affect the server-side in a harmful way is removeal of OP and possible ban.

- Only netherban/ban if someone griefed/hacking/taking something RARE from a chest that doesnt belong to them. IDC what a player did to you,netherban/ban players other than these reasons aren't acceptable. For netherban, you can unban them if you decided that they are good enough to get back.(2 warnings = out or 3 admin abuse reports from 5 different players)

- Abusing world edit over a large area. IDC you are spawning dirt. 50x50 is the max. 1 warning = removal of OP to degraded OP that doesnt have access to world edit.(2 warnings =out. Start fron 10-8-2011 worldedit is disabled for OP)


- Admin can depromote you anytime they like with or without any reason and it sticks to the donation rules of no refund. Never happened, but if it happens you can blame yourself for it.

-More to be added...

Basic server updates:

- Server update = 15 seconds server will be online after you got disconnected.

- Server restart= 3 minutes server will be back online after you got disconnected.

- Server Debug = Fixing map lag holes, 20 minutes or less server will be online.

- Server Swap/ IP change= At lease 1 hour server will be back online. Rarely happens.