The server doesn't need donation to stay alive anymore starting 2014.

However, if you want to donate money to me personally because you have too much money or just lazy.... You will still get your donation title, however, those titles will be earnable in game without donation.


All donation please send thru paypal to email [email protected] as GIFT (or else the donation will be denied) and include your minecraft username in the description.

Title as: Minecraft server donation- No shipping needed

You will also include what you want for the donation you made. Which will be listed below.

*All donations rewards will be added within 24 hours*

And all donations aren't refundable!

Donations are handled by hands. So no chargebacks can be made to abuse the system. Basically you chargeback = Ban

Donation Rewards:

15 dollars - Donator status forever. Teleport to players ,donator status forever (Fake name (/nick), mob disguise(/disguise), ability to fly(Bypass), 1000 DP per day for log in, magic capet (/mc), all trail effects(/trail), all DP rank title powers which is well over 100 commands), also ability to rename item and add description with /lore

25 dollars - VIP status forever (Everthing donator gets, power to ban( /ban, /mute) ,invisible to monsters and players (/vanish) )

35 dollars - 1337 status forever (Everything VIP gets,able to quick teleport to players and tp players to you, with godmode (/godmode), finally 5,000 DP per day for logging on)

50 dollars - Permanent supporter status (10,000 DP per day for logging on. Thats right, 10k DP.... or 2000 Diamonds in game you can use that money to buy anything you want in /warp store and over hundreds of commands you can buy with that DP per day,ACCESS TO CREATIVE MODE IN SURVIVAL WORLD (/gamemode or /gm)

100 dollars - OP status (Over 100 more useful commands than supporter,Create worlds for yourself(Nether, skyland, normal), same power as the Admin,grant auto access to all plugins, access to restricted areas, You can place anything (no restrictions), world edit access it isnt brought in just by 100 dollars; you have to be approved by Admin also. Fill up a form and send to my email)

Forward the recept paypal gave you to [email protected] after donation.

Include your in game name and the item you want.