Staff Guidelines: http://darkkyshadow.com/wordpress/darkky-hybrid-survival-server-staff-rules-powers/

Server Admins: 

Harvard1932 (ADMIN)

Sehunpark (Admin)

Jinwen1234 (Server-Mod....Idle most of the time)

Pruciont (Donator OP...Idle)

New 2014 MODS:


Trail MODS:



2 donator OP were DE-OPed due to TNT griefing with world edit.

ALL DONATORS ARE AUTOMATICALLY MODERATORS! Because of given donator powers. - However, abusing powers would lead to ban.

99.9% of the time admin won't be in game. But the server will be maintained and upgraded as long as there are players. Like at least 1 player per month would be enough to keep the server alive, to make it worthy for all of the computing power it takes to run the server!

The server have quite a history and memories, since started back in 2011. So it will be kept forever in term of of the server and maps.