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AI Future - 2018

Year's Exceptional Theme: AI I
Research Allocation: 55% research,
15% Experiment/Survey,10% Business,20% Etc.

Focus: Theoretical road ahead for AI research.
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Exception Redefinition

We all began as normal people, with nothing but a hope of becoming an exception. Until one day, we adopts to our image of perfection, and become the one we chooses to be.
It all starts with an image, and the will to pursue the image.
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Solving The Infinity

Problem of Infinity in philosophy starts with a simple paradox of: Exception Occurences.
1+1=2, 1+2=3, 1+3=4...Now, how would you create a way of solving all of the answers systematically?
Of course, you would use mathematics (number system). But what if the question is no longer a math problem?
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Unity - CDR Lab

World’s most advantageous data theory research branch,
partnered with data theory simulation lab.
Working alongside with system philosophy research branch.
Defining the chaos into a reality of meaning. | System Beyond. Existence. Imaginations. Possibilities.
Modern Philosophy Research - Computational Data Research - Private Division

Computational Data Research
Making sense of the chaos.


A thesis where this world is nothing but laws and data. Law can be randomized, but once it is created, it stays until the end of time. Data is meaninglessly random, but it runs and changes based on the law, and perhaps, time.

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System Philosophy Research

Computational Data Research Lab

Game development


System Philosophy.
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