MLP RPG: Fighting The Unknown Part 2

"Paradoxical sci-fi classical RPG game of its kind."

MLP RPG Part 2 continues from MLP RPG Part 1. It is highly recommended to defeat part one of the game before downloading part 2.

New trailer will be released later. Concept image is highly insightful upon the plot concept of P2! Feel free to do detail analysis on it.


Game Information:

It has been two years. Two years since the completion of MLP RPG part one. 20,000 downloads. 120,000 play count of the game. 2,000,000 battles fought ever since stat tracking was added to the game.
However, truth be told. Part one of the game started as an engine simulator, a concept testing ground, and I never expected an experiment would later become a real game. The game became one of the most functionally advanced classical RPG game, with over one hundred scripts, and one of the first RPG Maker Game to ever achieve multiplayer functionality. However, my blindness to pursue functionalities, and dedicated everything to technical implementation leaded the game to be nothing but a “pony combat simulator”. The game lacked a plot, a soul, to continue, so the project for part two of the game was paused for two years.
Today, finally, the concept is completed for continuation. This time the real game will begin. MLP RPG part two will be the very first: philosophic-paradoxical sci-fi classical RPG game of its genre. The plot is uniquely mind breaking, filled with paradox that will slowly solve itself while progressing deeper. This new plot incorporates existing part one of the game, radically changing it, progressing it towards something much more meaningful. The new plot will also feature plot concepts that was never explored in the past.

Notice: The game will NOT be entirely pony! 50% of the character design will be anime styled to fit the settings of RPG Maker.

Intro to the background of MLP RPG P2 (contains little spoiler):
MLP RPG P2 begins from MLP RPG P1, where Twilight Sparkle and her team defeated Queen Chrysalis who was evading Earth, and returned to ponyville thru her dimension portal.
However, in another parallel universe, a character called 'The unknown' is finishing off the last survivor alive of that entire universe. Killing the last survivor with ease, and continued to the next. 

Twilight awakes from her last epic multi-staged boss battle with Chrysalis, felt the presence of a new powerful force that she never felt before, and faints. 
The game begins with Twilight fading in with applebloom next to her next to the bed, in the library. Applebloom informs to Twilight: The war was won. Chrystalis was defeated, all enemy disappeared. Celestia and Luna opened up dimensional portal after the war to form corporation between Earth and Pony world. Twilight was filled with doubts on how her team of four ponies was managed to kill the entire enemy forces.
"Really? I am starting to wonder if all of this is real.......We managed to kill thousands with just four of us. How can this ever be a possibility?".

Twilight will then be doing her pony stuff. Gather ponies and anime styled characters. (MLP RPG P2 will include many anime inspired characters because after Celestia and Luna united both worlds, now two forces would join together. Fighting hand to hand. Also because RPG game tends to be more anime styled).

Peaceful times continued...... Until the unknown came. You will have to gather up your team to defeat the powerful enemy that you know nothing about.

It is only once you have defeated the unknown, you realize: All of it was the uncertainty of the certainties. The true unknown awaits you from another side.

Welcome to MLP RPG P2. The first paradoxical sci-fi RPG game of its kind. 

Spoiler: Defeating the first unknown is only 50% half way point of the full game, and it is the first breaking point of the plot before reaching into the second definition of the unknown, where epicness starts.

Game for players of all backgrounds:

Fighting the Unknown maps will be neutral grounded, you will get a chance to play with new favorite anime characters than just limited to pony characters! And of course, mane six of MLP will still be in part two, but you are given the possibility to try new characters. The main protagonist of Fighting the Unknown will be Twilight Sparkle, to keep the continuation plot of MLP RPG P1. However, the main protagonist can be anyone in possibility: We might make another version of Fighting the Unknown with another character as the protagonist, that is, when MLP RPG P2 is finished.
The plot of MLP RPG P2 is less about having connection with another show or anime, but more about the concepts of the unknown, of the game plot itself. Making it suitable for all of the players coming from all different backgrounds, even if you never watched MLP or anime. But for sure, you will feel much more comfortable if you watched MLP and anime of different genre; just as a bonus of familiarity, that the game will cover even if you are not familiar with it.

Game Engine:
Part two of the game will be on RPG Maker MV. Means: Much wider resolution of 1080P! Possibly support for mobile devices! Maybe it can work on browser but it is unlikely as part one of the game was already over 500MB.
Certain scripts from part one of the game will be converted to part two of the game. But the game will be simplified functionally speaking, with much more refined functionalities.

Screenshoot (Not updated):