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Use of language tools in essay essay:
Use of language tools in an essay:

1. An important role is played by comparison.

2. Much attention is paid to the internal content and the outer cover of the word. Playing with the word at the level of the original comprehension of the topic.

3. The author's use of the capital letter, when there is a need to give some emphasis, and the lower case, when it is necessary, emphasize loss of grandeur or personal value.

4. Author's use of punctuation marks, paragraphs.

5. Contextual use of means of the figurative-expressive series. You do not have to be afraid of "a combination of inconsistent"; the unexpected may be just the most interesting in the context of reflection when I write my thesis today.

6. The essay is a motivated and appropriate use of complex syntactic constructions and incomplete sentences, torn phrases; the use of the entire arsenal of insert words, the isolated members of the sentence of exclamation ...

7. One of the main aspects is the sensory-emotional system of presentation of

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