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The question is why is tuition is so high?
The question is why is tuition is so high? Just where does the money go other than a new building every time you turn around. All on the backs of students that are taking out loans to finance their education to get a degree that does not say no name university. At one point, students could count on a starting salary that was equal to or less than the cost of tuition for four years. That is now ancient history. Their is value to adjunct professors, especially in STEM and the business fields but there is also value to regular professors. On the flip side I took a programming class at a community college online. No doubt, taught by an adjunct. It seems all she did was load the notes provided by the text book company as class notes. She provided no personal input in the notes and perhaps one sentence when reviewing the homework. Next time before type my essay sign up application for the course and pay money I will make sure that good educators are out there.

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