System Philosophy Introduction:


          Welcome to the world of system philosophy. The next generation of modern philosophy.
System philosophy research developments are managed by darkkyshadow research development group. All researches associated with darkkyshadow research group are to be released by Harvard Han’s authorization. System philosophy, data theory, application logics of system philosophy requires advanced prior knowledge of: advanced modern philosophy, advanced skepticism studies, advanced scientific logic reasoning, and computing logics (specifically for data theory).
System philosophy and associated philosophical research are off limit to the public as of 2016. However, Harvard Han declassifies research documents for public release across different medias which is a great way to get involved with system philosophy. Media such as: main page of system philosophy, online documents, over thirty YouTube videos on Harvard’s personal account “Whynot”, and Wikipedia.



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"System Philosophy - A step beyond the first modern philosophy"

Declassified Documents (For researcher/scholars):
IMPORTANT NOTICE: All declassified topics have data trackers implemented into the document. Stealing, claiming document as your own would become a fatal mistake as all main concepts are converted documents with, but not limited to: dynamic-track-converted words and source pointer alternations.
System Philosophy (main branch) Design Principal - Released on 9-7-2014
System Philosophy (main branch) Application Logic - Released on 9-11-2014
System Philosophy's Exponential Core Development (Pointers, Experiment, and breakthroughs) - Pending
System Philosophy (main branch) Vector-Scaled Architecture Design (Complex Concept) - Pending
System Philosophy Universal System - Data Integrity Within Universal Simulation (Application Logic) - Released on 1-1-2015
Sub Branch - Game of Exceptionalism - Released on 12-21-2016

Public documents:
Sys Phi practical variation - Business practices
Sys Phi - Sample research faculty survey
General summary for each system philosophy
Class 5 Abnormality Report
Synthetic factors for each system philosophy
Time vector sequencing and processing
Knowledge Path (Reference Document)
Expected Value Set
Structural Integrity Check (Value System)

Expandable document - for modern philosophers who knows about conceptual dotting:
Dualism/Monism - system philosophy & supporting complex concepts
Depression analysis and effect counters
Logic interpretation: memory and recall computing
Counter Concept: Value system control concepts