PRE-BETA Access:

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Note: Clear browser images/files to refresh the game with latest version. Do not clear Hosted app data or AKA: Local database, or else you lose cloud-connect access. During pre beta, game outages are normal. It will take months before the sever become stabilized.

Volunteering Event: Starting August 2016. Be exceptional. Bring your ideas into the game. Contribute what you know best. There isn't any instruction on how to do just that. However, if you can achieve just that. There is a chance that you will be awarded a special certificate along with a credit mention on our website! (Signed certificate will be shipped to an address of your choice) What kind of talent you can offer would be up to you! Voice acting? Making videos? Identify game breaking bug? Find a new way to optimize our game? Ask yourself! My personal email: [email protected] will be up for receiving submissions. Good luck!

Donate a cup of coffee to us:

Click the donation button to get to our donation page! (Automatic rewards) Appreciate the game by donating a cup of coffee to us!

If every player simply donate a dollar... Just a dollar. We would be a fully pledged full time game developers xD

PATCH NOTES (More fun):

Version PRE-BETA (1-6-2016) - No gameplay. BETA testing ONLY. Game function construction/testings build.

Version PRE-BETA v2 (7-21-2016) - Cloud Connect Save System V2 is released. Now you can connect to cloud save anytime, whenever. No more limits. Modified some in game content. Added more content. Enhanced existing cutscenes with more overlay effects.


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