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    General Questions:

  1. Question: Do you have to pay for it?

  2. Question: When it will be released?

  3. Question: Which platforms will the game support?

  4. Question: How donation contributions will be used?

  5. Question: I am a YouTuber/Streamer/News agency! Notice me!

  6. Question: Why P2 requires donations more than P1?

  7. Question: Browser version of the game is acting weird! What do?

  8. Question: OMG, I never used cloud based save system! How to be safe?

  9. Question: How to apply for Beta?

  10. Question: Can I volunteer for the game?

  11. Question: What is fundamentally different between part one and part two?

  12. Question: Can my save transfer from part one to part two of the game?

  13. Question: Why RPG Maker?

  14. Question: What systems will not be in part two? (comparison to part one)

  15. Question: Any trailers for part two? When?


Last FAQ update: 7-25-2016