Log In Function Restored + MLP RPG P2 March Update

03/29/16 1:07 AM | Comments (0) | Posted By: harvard1932



Log in and sign up function are restored. BP system are account system are separate. So, BP functions will remain functional even during downtime of AMS.

Reason for the error: The host was renewed. So server configurations was messed up a bit. Nothing big happened though.

MLP RPG P2 progress is steady. Feel free to play PRE-BETA build of the game at: http://game.darkkyshadow.com/dashboard/

Instead of small updates every week. Updates have become bigger, but every few weeks. (this trend will continue).

Scheduled development progress:

April to June to be slow, average. (One update per few weeks)

June to August to be jumpy. Either no progress at all, or full speed development. (One update per month or less. But huge huge updates)

August and so on. Average speed. That’s when game can reach from BETA to actual builds.

One thing to watch out for in the plot:

Refinement and depth. – Even thru the refined cinematic cutscenes being implemented into the game. Players will be expected to often pause and think about the point of the cutscenes to follow up with the full plot.