MLP RPG Part 2 – Early BETA

11/08/15 10:04 AM | Comments (2) | Posted By: harvard1932


If you want to play the cutting edge early BETA of the game feel free to play it at http://game.darkkyshadow.com/dashboard/ unofficially.

You will have to clear web cache constantly to keep the game content up-to-date. Being involved in early BETA have hidden rewards as well, if you help debug the game!

Current debug issue:

I want to confirm that combat system crashes on tablet and smart phone devices. – You will be rewarded with 10M battle points, if you can find why the combat system crashes. Between process overload or script incompatibility. With actual evidence of your claim 🙂

  • Tomasz Pietrasik

    darkkyshadow , if you could change the game resolution screen I have a small LCD Monitor 1400X900 (scroll the screen)

    • harvard1932

      press f3 in game.