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PATCH NOTES (Log of goodness.....):

Version 0.1 (7-22-2012) - Initial release. Expect alot of bugs. *Download link removed; outdated*

Version 0.2 (7-23-2012) - Fix the message loop..... It shouldn't happen again now.*Download link removed; outdated*

Version 0.3 (8-1-2012) - Added two fun minigames to BETA for testing. Fixed two text glitch. Added 6 new maps. *Download link removed; outdated*

Version 0.4 (8-3-2012)- Added achievements, a guidebook to menu. Two new AWESOME Equestia maps added. Twilight spell "Absorption" fixed. Possible NPC "Trixie" crash fix. Two more puzzle mini-games added for testing. 4 more teleport location added. Added over 10 music tracks!!! Thank Sim Gretina for most of them! , added 10+ types of new monsters, added changeling army, added epic two stage boss battle! Final section one of the gameplay is finished! Sadly, it won't be accessible in BETA. Special thank to Yurusumaji for reporting some of the bugs in game! *Download link removed; outdated*

Version 1.0 (8-8-2012)- FULL GAME IS RELEASED. Changed currency from coin to bits (forgot about that), fixed changeling transformation spell. fixed some of the puzzle lag, fixed many grammar error, added more Equestria maps, added ending for section one of the gameplay.

Version 1.1 (8-9-2012)- Added more skills on high level. Fixed monster crash error(happens 1/10). more music balance now..

Version 1.2 (8-10-2012)- Add more potion drop to monsters. Derpy tokens should be recorded correctly now.

Version 1.3 (8-11-2012)- ESSENTIAL GAME ENGINE UPDATE. YOUR SAVE FILE FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS WILL NOT TRANSFER OVER! Changed map load glitch, fixed direction bug, added custom stats, added volume changer, changed status bar layout, added more drops to monsters.

Version 1.33 (8-12-2012)- HOT FIX ON THE PROBLEMS WITH LOADING! NOW YOU CAN LOAD SAVED FILES WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS! Also, don't worry about your current saved game from V1.3! It will transfer over!

Version 1.39 (8-14-2012)- Re-coded random money function, random armor function, and random weapon function. Using random reward items will no long cause game crash. Confirm fixed on monster calling crash. Fixed escape potion crash.

Version 1.4 (8-15-2012)- 100% fixed that stupid monster transition crash.

Version 1.41 (8-16-2012)- Fixed maze entrance 2 map glitch. Seriously? No one said anything about this glitch for over a month. Again, I personally doesn’t play the game I developed; it is up to you guys to report the glitches.

Version 1.42 (8-16-2012)- Fixed field 4 map glitch where mountains blocked the way to next map. Happened to map 35 out of total 82 maps in section one. Again meaning no one even played pass 40% of section one MLP RPG. PS: This is default maps, they suck balls.

Version 1.43 (8-16-2012)- Fixed trickxy adssa boss glitch. Now she can die after battle.

Version 1.44 (8-16-2012)- Fixed that yellow switch glitch after trixkx asd boss battle. You will have to get back to the button and reactivate it after the patch......FR shield MP reduced from 500 to 200. Mana drain MP changed from 14 to 44.

Version 1.45 (8-17-2012)- Fixed that stupid default map glitch on changeling castle. Added two preview maps that you can now access after beating section one.

Version 1.46 (8-17-2012)- Devil castle F2F map stairs is fixed. Mage in magic shop is now female again.

Version 1.47 (8-18-2012)- Removed skill "guard" temporary from monsters until bug have been verified and fixed. Now moon map teleportation is fixed, it shouldn't say BETA anymore.

Version 1.48 (8-28-2012)- Fixed wooden log blocking the way glitch. Hard to keep the game updated due to college now.

Version 1.49 (10-22-2012)- Fixed chest monster glitch in island 2. Totally removed skill "Guard" because it is both useless and glitchy. Adding new drops for monster slime. Small map twist for island 2.

Version 1.50 (11-3-2012)- HARDCORE MODE! Yea... I finally removed "retry battle" function after you die. Added more chests. The game shouldn't be too easy for you now.

Version 1.51 (11-5-2012)- Modified store functions, added even more chests lol, added update checker (more user friendly now)

Version 1.52 (11-6-2012)- Got new in game audio ideas lol. So I added over 20 audio tracks in game. Now each pony will have their own unique skill with special audio for the special skill.

Version 1.53 (11-7-2012)- More audio tracks added, 4 extra achievements added, applied an unstuck methodsfor boat travel; now it is impossible to get stuck from boat I guess.....

Version 1.54 (11-8-2012)- Gayness of RPG MAKER is finally conquered by me. Now you can finally change volume in game. However the gay cost of that is…. You cannot transfer your old save file to this new patched version of MLP RPG. Also scripts of rpg maker is just bullshit.

Version 1.55 (11-8-2012)- Added very unique achievement items known to all RPG games. Added a game end picture I psed, added a lot of item twists. This update is definitely essential! And highly recommended, but it isn't required.

Version 1.56 (11-9-2012)- Added scrolling text, added game icon, removed name changing function (forgot to remove it last update), modified game over music. Too lazy to chnage version numbers. But I added hard, extreme, hardcore mode.

Version 1.57 (11-11-2012)- Customized the GUI design :D, added mining! Now you can mine minerals and sell the resources for money.

Version 1.58 (11-11-2012)- Fixed crash when you change BGM sound, fixed death removes difficulty mode, fixed AJ's heal since AJ shouldn't have any healing skill at all, fixed light up skill not working. Download this quick fix xD cough 600MB yea....Volume setting is now moved to "System", now better battle aftermath event, skill "Guard" is semi-fixed or you can say it no longer crash that easy, added alot of new contents that I am too lazy to type one by one. Now if Twilight died... You lose. Because she is the main character..... duh?

Version 1.59 (11-12-2012)- Added mining event! Unique concept that you never seen in any other RPG games. Buffed all monster's defence. Added like 7 more achievements.

Version 1.60 (11-15-2012)- fishing skill is added! Very unique functiont that you never seen before! Treasure chest function monster is added giving away over 100 different items and weapons!!!! audio for AJ and rainbow on death xD, mass modification to ALL monster drops; now all monster should drop unique items with like 1% chance. Added ton of audio clips! Buffed few boss monsters so you can no longer 1 hit ko them >.>

Version 1.61 (11-17-2012)- Added over 10 unique skill! Added unique concept of "Dashing", now you have to earn your dashing speed with bits; no more free speed. Buffed final boss and trixie with health regeneration. In future patches there will be a lot more audio clips added... cough.... I have over 500 audio clips mlp related.

Version 1.62 (11-18-2012)- Fixed achievement typo that caused 2 achievement to be missing, but they are back now. Nerfed all 6 ponies's lvl 1EP skill. A few tiny animation twist that can be ignored. Later patch made EP slime less OP, slime is no longer a boss monster lol.

Version 1.63 (11-19-2012)- Fixed Dash Potion. Add mini game "Find Pinkie Pie", added three more achievements. It took me forever to make the new mini game....

Version 1.64 (11-20-2012)- Fixed armor casual clothing nulling healing effect. Added one extra safe guard against crash caused by game end. Some little bug fixes.

Version 1.65 (11-23-2012)- Final boss(for part 1 of course)now sounds like a final boss. Added 3 new maps, 3 new sound track, a lot of audio track just for the final boss. Added mini game maze and door opening puzzle as part of the final boss. Map graphic glitch(only for 2 maps)have been identified and will be removed starting from part 2 but will not be patched because it could cause problems to save files.

Version 1.66 (11-24-2012)- FIXED INVISIBILITY POTION teleporting you back to where you were if you played find pinkie pie game.No Season 3 EP 4 content update this week; no idea gained from the episode. Hot fix added to all chest in the game, added 2 more animation frams and less buggy in animation now.

Version 1.67 (11-25-2012)- Me gusta. Made this update at 2:55AM. Exception handling update that fixed many little, tiny, mistakes. Such as fixing chests that you can open thru wall, raining in houses, when you teleport out of dark area it sticks to next map..... Now they are fixed. Three maps for final boss now have weather effect, second map is now 20% more creepy than before, 3rd map added smoke (spam pinkie = profit ). Now EP skills are 100% - 800% weaker than before; I just realized that EP used to have 1000%+ more damage than regular attack and that is just stupid. See? Your support and your bug report actually changed this game in a significant way. Keep it up.

Version 1.68 (11-25-2012)- Fixed rarity's shield and aura. Lowered defence for some of the monsters. Little animation twist for skills and events.

Version 1.69 (11-26-2012)- Fixed a glitch that you cannot wear dagger. Now find pinkie puzzle is randomized everytime you play the game again! Didn't know it was even possible but it worked. Tiny skill nerf for one of the skills.

Version 1.70 (11-27-2012)- BIGGEST UPDATE ON WEAPON/ARMOR/ITEMS. ADDED OVER 1000 WEAPONS AND ARMOR! EXTREMELY CUSTOMIZED STATS. Added unique stat system(it took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to write a three lines of code to replace 270 lines cough...I hate ruby, cut the story here).Extra: Dash effect is added. Want to listen to all music at once? Now you can! by doing one of the achievements, it also allow full game sound customization! or without.I think you can even add own your music if you want. Added equipment requirement and enhanced equipment skill for futureMLP RPG part 2. Updated game enclopedia, now armor and weapon token is probably your best friend in MLP RPG, many small bug fixes. Essential item mechanic update note that previous game saves will not work!.

Version 1.71 (11-28-2012)- All monster now have 1% chance of dropping weapon/armor token! Bosses have like 50%. Added the most complicated utility skill today to cooperate with V1.70’s game breaking armor/weapon generation function. Now you can upgrade ANY WEAPON/ARMOR with over 30 different alternatives for each individual weapon/armor! Fixed minor typos made in V1.70. Music box is an outdated item that you can sell in store for 25K bits. Achievements added for the new utility skill as well. NOTE: if your item enhancement skill isn't taking numbers, please redownload V1.71 (magic happened because I tested this before I released it and it worked, now I checked this morning and for some fucked up reason it decided to change a number from 51 to 50 which breaks the code apart for armor.

Version 1.72 (11-28-2012)- Skill "Item Crafting" released! You can craft items out of E-xx crystals. Make unique weapons, make potions, make armor, cook your fish instead of eating it raw..... Crafting skill will cooperate with item enhancement skill 100%, which allows nearly thousands more extra weapons/armor into the game. Reminder that from now on... You must install those two files Armors.rvdata2 and Weapons.rvdata2 in order to use "Item Enhancement" Skill! Or else game will break.

Version 1.73 (11-29-2012)- Shit. I DID NOT EXCEPT SO MUCH FUNCTIONS BROKE AFTER V1.70! So much crash that I spent fucking 4 hours straight fixing functions. Added new skill "Dismentle" which you can use to kill off useless armor and weapons then had to remove it because "Item Enhancement" skill broke it. Which is funny. Added water effect. Fixed crash for "Item Crafting" and making it semi-cooperating with "item enhancement" skill that at least it wouldn't crash.

Version 1.74 (11-29-2012)- One grammar fix. Added "Dimensional Banking" Skill that is used with the return of the skill "Item Dismantle". This would be the final content update for weapon/armors, once the structure is bug-free MLP RPG would be one of the few RPG games with such unique function.

Version 1.75 (11-29-2012)- Fixed audio crash for "Dismentle" and "Item crafting" skill.

Version 1.76 (12-1-2012)- Potential crash solution for version number crash (rare), changed game difficulty a bit and it is now harder, added one extra crafting book, Twilight character stat twis to leave space for more future contents, armor/weapon bag no longer give like 20 upgrade tokens.... they only give 1-2 tokens now.

Version 1.77 (12-1-2012)- Added a tutorial for new players. Added Alicorn necklace drop from Trixie lol. Little twist on Twilight's spells, nerfed pinkie and a bit for Twilight due to the item enhancement content in V1.70. Minor bug fixes and typo fixes. Added 1 extra music for tutorial map. Hotfix: Fixed music player, nerfed hardcore mode 95% decrease to 80%.

Version 1.78 (12-2-2012)- Fix NPC errors on forest town main hall, now all NPC can be talked to. Added food fest in there as well! Minor twist to tutorial. And other minor twists. Hotfix: improved tutorial map, added item "Soul Lock" which ultimately prevent Twilight's death causing game over for once.

Version 1.79 (12-3-2012)- Added crafting book where you can craft "Soul Lock", very tactical item that you should definitely try it out if you are a hardcore player. Boat music added. Small item twists. Item ehhancement skill is now improved on armors by which means instead of 2 different kind of enhancement, now it is over 20 I think.

Version 1.80 (12-4-2012) - Removed intro video, now full screen should work. Added more item enhancement possibilities.

Version 1.81 (12-5-2012) - Train map is finished. Part 2 maps will be delayed until my finals are finished in next 2 weeks. Anyways, this is finally the reality! No bullshit happened! Farming skill is out and it is epic. Farming skill expanded more crafting books, more items, more buff for players! Farming right now is just a little show case for part 2. Concept is simple, you plant seed, wait for it to grow and you farm it out, but it is more to it. Along with farming.... House construction!! Right now it is in beta, that you can buy pet for your house. Soon you can buy bed, buy furniture, buy anything you want and put it in your house! After hours of combat, you can always relax in your house, do some fishing, farming, crafting, play with pet and mini game maps that you bought! The possibility is endless. All of this was done within 3 hours; drawing, design, game mechanic verification and realization. I am so going to expand this in winter break after finals!! Oh, and also some minor fixes on chat log and.... Soul Lock crafting book should now function properly. There are reports that older save file can cause error! But I need more reports in order to figure out the issue.

Version 1.82 (12-6-2012) - Farming skill bug fixes.... possible "Full script" crash fix. Added effect glitches in player housing. Player housing renewable fishing spot is added. DO NOT DOWNLOAD !!!! ERROR!!! SORRY. BUT THIS IS BEING FIXED. RIGHT NOW JUST PLAY V 1.80

Version 1.83 (12-7-2012) - FARMING CRASH ISSUE FIXED, Save file from previous versions may/may not work! Download this version instead of V1.81 and V1.82. Hotfix: Item "Bed" is removed. Added weather effect to housing. Small twists to housing overall. Hotfix 2: Seed fix.

Version 1.84 (12-8-2012) - Added combat log for tactical players. Added encyclopedia book which help you unlock 300 pages of information but cost 20k bits. Added menu animation. A lot of grammar and spelling fix. Also, finally fixed farming drop ratio thing. Coming up hotfix : nerf pinkie slash LOL. So far.. this is like the 3rd time I am trying to nerf it.

Version 1.85 (12-9-2012) - God Tier Upgrade is released. It is the expansion of "Item Enhancement". Where you can add upgrade stone to your weapon making it endlessly strong. However, the stones are extremely rare to obtain... Which currently only final boss drop one stone.

Version 1.86 (12-9-2012) - God Tier Upgrade is expanded, now it is combined with housing. Added the concept of housing resource. Added one extra achievement. Added like 10 extra GTUS (God Tier Upgrade Stone), more crafting book. Short word: I combined housing resouce, along with house construction, concept of mining, then you craft it, and get GTUS, while you do that... you also get achievement.... lol. Also, hardcore just got 4 times harder because......... now difficulty mode will transfer to other ponies... not just Twilight Sparkle.

Version 1.87 (12-9-2012) - GUI update! Awesome new graphic interfaces.... New menu design, new weather effect (not open), timer GUI change, event text (not open), many others. All of this is possible thanks to Atelier :P, his script doesn't overlapse with mine; which is super rare and good! Also cool down for many skills are decreased! Hotfix 1: Added customized intro screen. Added boss arena (Not open), added new weather effect for housing! If you like graphics! This patch is a must :) Hotfix 2: Fixed 2 skills not registering on skill menu. Added combat graphics! <3 Pinkie Pie's combat graphic. All graphics updates will be done within v1.87 and hotfixes. Then v1.88 would be more gameplay update.Hotfix 3: Craftin 60% MP and HP potion fix. Added more graphical functions.

Version 1.88 (12-10-2012) - Combat System is now updated..... Now agility would be essential in battles.... Added shit load of customized graphical design! If you love graphics! Get download it now!. Added new save screen, Added boss arena! Boss arena allow you to fight bosses again and again...... Great rewards as well. Boss arena is made for hardcore players with godly gears. Hotfix 1: Pinkie in forest town would froze the game..... Now it is fixed. HOTFIX 2: Derpy and pinkie jump out of map crash fix.... Yea... now it crashes when events jump out of the map. Customized battlelog and game reward page to make it more friendly toward new combat system. Removed difficulty mode particle effect because it would be too easy to get... also, it causes unknown crash that sometimes happen, sometimes doesn't; which is FUCKING RETARDED. I hate this type of gay glitches!!@# But please report any particle related crash (alicorn amulet still give particle effect).... Also, I am not going to fix menu overlapse of music box because I personally don't encourage players to use it at first place.HOTFIX 3&4: Simply.... did some stair twisting.... and typo fix.

Version 1.89 (12-11-2012) -Combat system states re-write..... the new combat system doesn't support old states :( This is a must download because V1.88 some states are permanent and get you stuck...ESSENTIAL. Hotfix 1: Disappointment that graphic update comes with shit load of exceptions >.> which fuck me up hard. Added new menu cursor. Fixed find pinkie mini game time crash.... I love to use 1 as exit timer.... however, graphic functions crash at 1. Not at 0 or 2, just 1, in conclusion I had to rewrite shit load of boss functions to prevent crash.. Again, please and please do a game run thru for bugs when I update the game a whole lot. I never play the game, and it would take me 1 minute to fix a glitch while it would take you hours to download the game. So report them as soon as possible.

Version 1.90 (12-12-2012) -INTRODUCTION OF SKILL POINTS! You gain skill points from playing. But skills that you can purchase with skill points are extremely expensive. This is also the introduction of PASSIVE SKILLS! Which give your pony passive stat boost! However, skills themselves are overpowered, they will help you to defeat overpowered bosses in arena. Also.... Congrat on MLP RPG! 100th script added. Yep... 100. I guess 100 isn't a small number, and I had to customize a quarter of them to fit in game..... in the end it is worthy... isn't it? Fixed a game breaking bug that I fucking patched it, then for some fucking reason it came back. Now I am just mad. Anyways, added death spirit for all pony characters, added more audio clips.

Version 1.91 (12-12-2012) -WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! BIGGEST, THE BIGGEST. LITERALLY. THE BIGGEST. VOICE UPDATE RELEASED! Got lazy. Instead of adding 100 audio clips now there are like 70 added. But it is enough for now.

Version 1.92 (12-12-2012) -ESSENTIAL UPDATE! Same shit happened again..... Script conflict when you use upgraded armor/weapon which will crash the game. Cough.... having 100 scripts + isn't that good when adding even one extra script would be involved with modifying many other script >.> fuck..

Version 1.93 (12-15-2012) - Biggest map graphics update! to celebrate 5000 th unique downloader! Now some selected maps looks about... 50% better than before with parallex mapping. This system update will make all part 2 maps looks more detailed than before. Which you will see a preview in forest town. Added stage MISSION! 3 maps, one boss and that boss is king sombra (undead)! You will basically go to his tomb kill him in a time limit to receive some godly loot. Oh did I mention 8 direction movement? it will be added in this update. Added little bit more graphic details.... more friendly now. OK I AM THROWING THIS EXTRA STUFF! NOW HOUSE EXPANSION IS POSSIBLE! UPDATE YOUR HOUSE BY ADDING ROOMS! FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! THIS UPDATE FEATURES THE MOST UNIQUE, COMPLETELY NEW HOUSING CONCEPT THAT CURRENTLY MLP RPG IS THE ONLY RPG OUT THERE APPLIED SUCH CONCEPT!!! PLAY TO SEE! Also, house expansion is only the preview of whats to come! Such as player dunegon, player garden, just infinite! Also customized chat log.

Version 1.94 (12-15-2012) - Patch time! Fixed: 10 glitched switched caused by my retardation :D! Fixed typo for difficulty reset. Fixed Christmas spirit skill! It would no longer give glitch weapon/armor! uhhhh as a bonus... I added pets! Now you can own pets..... Good? Pets give you extra stats + bonus stuff! Such as you can pet it weee.... and it give you stuff...... It is just a side add-on. Download this! not V1.93! Switches glitch breaks the game as you get deeper!!! also v1.93 save will not transfer!

Version 1.95 (12-16-2012) - After 2 days of picture rescaling, script modifications, debugs..... Now MLP RPG is 640x 480 from before 544x416. If you do the math.. it is from 226304 pixel to 307200. About 1/3 more pixels for you eyes! Some of the graphics might seem off, but they are optimized as best as possible! Combat system rescale was perfection.... while one or two functions might look just a little bit off. Overall, it you can't tell the difference. This update greatly expands incoming future updates! Not only graphics will better cleaner, better, more realistic, but also enables more map viewing... Anyways, 640x480 is MAXED out in RPG maker VX ace because engine limitation, so 1080 currently isn't possible..... Also, new battle transition (too lazy to rescale the old one)... Note: if you are already having lag in 1.94 version or below... then this update isn't going to be nice. If you are having 60 FPS, then you are good :)

Version 1.96 (12-17-2012) - Fixed: many skills that cause AT bar to glitch. Housing resources is no longer that cheatable anymore. Nerfed 3 monsters. Note: Stun/Paralyze does goes away! They were fixed long time ago..... If problem still exists, make sure you have a video recording of it or something.... Hotfix 1: Nerfed like 2 monsters. Item stimulant added.... Shield is now renames to bodyshield. Shield is part 2 content..... Hotfix 2: Fixed darkness/lightning not in full 640x480. Hotfix 3: Parallex mapping not showing up correctly. Weather is now 640x480.... my retardation is back, patched script but forgot to apply.Hotfix 4: Monster stun nerf. Now some monsters won't stun you at all.... The rate for stun was only 15%... and so many people rage on it.. I wonder what happens on future bosses where stun rate would be like 50%.

Version 1.961 (12-18-2012) - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO just finished my final exam!!!!!!!!!!! Time for some REAL updates! From 1.96, updates will be rather sub-updates. Fix: Parallex mapping is no longer stupid as fuck anymore. If you don't want to see ugly texture glitches in your house? Download this!

Version 1.962 (12-19-2012) - FIX: Invisibility potion crash guard is further more improved. Buffing skills are fixed also for debuffing skills. Added drop list popup. Added more stupid exception checks (super gay boring as always). Fixed bag of goodies giving out inf amor/weapon.

Version 1.963 (12-19-2012) - EQUIPMENT REWORK!!!!!!! Adding expanding space for part 2 which featuring new equipment: hooves, wings, horn. Adding shield, remove dual weapon. Weapon skill is removed because the skill is removed anyways when you item enhance. Skill mastery will take over weapon skill. Many fixes in skills. Buff rework. Added a new concept! Money based invisibility mode! Now no more stupid crashes from invisibility potion, 100% original concept :) again, only for MLP RPG!

Version 1.964 (12-19-2012) - Applied quick fix to crash when you use item enhacned weapon/armor. This is a perfect example of script-interaction issue of having too much script.

Version 1.965 (12-20-2012) - Parallax map weeee it is called fix. It is very annoying how this thing keeps on breaking for no reason... RECOMMENDED BUILD. So far no bugs.

Version 1.966 (12-22-2012) - Adding easter egg maps..... with bonus scenes. Path finding beta is added. Some word twists. Now enemy hp bar doesn't disappear. Shield implantation that comes with states resists. Added 4 maps for easter eggs of course....

Version 1.967 (12-23-2012) - Monster LEVEL RESCALE! This update literally... make monsters about.... 2 times weaker. Calculation rework, now combat formulas are easier to solve.....

Version 1.968 (12-23-2012) - Added trixie boss stage. CRPT script method added; make RPG MAKER about 30% less gay than before.

Version 1.969 (12-24-2012) - Disabled CRPT script method. Now RPG MAKER is over 9000% more gay than before. Need RTP thing error will no longer occur now.

Version 1.970 (12-24-2012) - Added unique CRPT Version 2! ONLY FOR MLP RPG! I need BETA TESTERS FOR THIS! If it works flawlessly, this would be the greatest christmas gift for myself :) And RPG MAKER would be 9999999999999999999% less gay than before. Side note: I worked 2 days straight for this.... about 8 hours per day. Finally... if it works, I can take a break. I will explain what is CRPT after it works :P Ok. It is tested to work on my side, CRPT will be explained in FAQ.


Version 1.972 (12-26-2012) - Fixed menu text issue, lame scripts couldn't handle craps causing something shouldn't happen.... to happen. Added battle count for high score. Fixed little glitches. Boss arena no longer cause gameover. Instead,you will get kicked out of arena when you die.

Version 1.973 (12-26-2012) - Item limit more item glitch when you have item over 110. Max level is now 150 instead of 99. Stats can now go over 999.

Version 1.974 (12-27-2012) - Added randomization function to combat system.... now there are more pictures for your pony (25 pictures more). Chat function expansion for part 2.

Version 1.975 (12-27-2012) - Added variable based slowmo and fast forward modes for future usage. Skills rebalanced (V2), now there are 6 more skills and about 30% more skills than before.

Version 1.976 (12-27-2012) - Character stats twists. Now it is more balanced ( thanks to commanderX for the balance repor/analysis)

Version 1.977 (12-28-2012) - Fixed bit highscore function. Realtime data gathering function simplified+ expansion of web database connection in script call and script insertion-ready. Encyclopedia crash safe guard added. Other minor fixes and balances. Twilight no longer have to be the party leader in order to send highscore.

Version 1.978 (12-28-2012) - Removal of invisibility potion function. Fix tutorial map, nerf air ballon functions. Crit rate is now luk / 2. 1 skill rebalance.

Version 1.979 (12-29-2012) - Skill rebalance thanks to commanderX again (he wrote a 6000 word skill rebalance report, which is epic). Remove function of escape potion due to exploits. Added few more skills.

Version 1.980 (12-29-2012) - Highscore ranking data send is simplified and fully automated... now name no longer affect Twilight. Twist combat picture so the scale fits and Twilight looks less sad during combat lol. I will start to vectorize my own pictures later on :)

Version 1.981 (12-29-2012) - Some small bug fixes.

Version 1.982 (12-29-2012) - Some skill nerf. Some bug fixes.

Version 1.983 (12-30-2012) - Fix tomato seed, fix choices list width issue, fix store update, fix pinkie jump animation.

Version 1.984 (1-4-2013) - Adding EXCLUSIVE, dedicated for MLP RPG....... key system! What it does: allows admin to generate keys with assigned usage.. that players can use it in game... to unlock specific item or weapon or armor or anything admin assigns it to be! if you contribute? you can be rewarded a key in which you can use in the game! Other way around.... player can make a key themselves by removing a item from their save file, and give the key to your friend! In which your friend can activate the key and get your item! Of course, player key creation part isn't yet complete because you can just cheat it over by having multiple save. Whole thing is done online thru our database, which allows the system to be extremely flexible! With this system... MLP RPG can literally host multiplayer events for example... on 1/3/2013 1:00 PM a special arena will be unlocked, people can go to my website get a key, unlock the arena, beat the boss in specific time to win, time and ranking would be there in real time. The possibilities is infinite. Also, added a new function which allows time to count up and count down thru declared variable (extremely useful when comes to ranking/leaderboard because default RPG maker only allows count down). I might add a binary file transfer system.. in which your save file will be online, on our server..... but oh god... it is going to take awhile. Removed function to change windows color because no one even use it; universal coloris better. Adding books + randomization function! adding event maps! adding total playtime for ranking! fix sound effect for item dismantle and also crafting skill! (it was broken, had to remove the sound effect for it, but now it is fixed). First update for 2013! You guess what will come next for MLP RPG this year! Would it surprise you if one person did all of this in 6 month while as full time student + philosophy researcher/writer and many others? First person who use this key: M8V712AP gets a godly weapon lol.

Version 1.985 (1-6-2013) - Chest randomization formula implantation, this will allow randomized item drop from some of the chests in game, this function specifically designed to make chests much easier to add to the game map, because the whole process becomes a copy and paste, rather than my old way... which was to add chest with the exact item, name it, add picture, which takes forever. Calculation of the formula is quiet balanced; loading save file trying the chest over and over again until you get a good item wouldn't work simply because time wouldn't be worth it. Bonus to this, it allows achievement implantation and as well as more directed sound effect management for chest loot. Combat system RECODIFICATION! 500% FPS increase for combat after the improvement. Damage popup cache coding improvements (not script based, but rather script add-on only for this damaged popup; better than cache scripts due to less side-effects). No more stupid animation effect glitch when you use skills (no one told me about this glitch before). This code recodification leaves expansion space for future updates! Such as spirit sheet slots! You are going to love this update if you grind A LOT. To be honest, I didn’t think this update was even possible because I there was at least 10 issues to start with…. Had to fix one by one…. I was lucky that it went well… without any script collisions with countless other combat scripts. I will make a vid tomorrow to show you the changes (I kind of miss the old codes lol). Also old death states spirit sheet is fixed.

Version 1.986 (1-7-2013) - Removed ambush from combat system (that make ponies fight on top...), TP to EP GUI modification. One wall patch.....

Version 1.987 (1-8-2013) - Added 7 more pictures for menu design, along with of course... randomization function. Now bosses no longer likes to be stunned or paralyzed. Made one boss less spammy with silence. Monsters looks more "alive" now, if you grind a lot.... then this is for you! Boss will die differently comparing to regular monsters....

Version 1.988 (1-8-2013) - Full implantation of frame rate control, now when you donate you will get an item that allows you to control time in game. Added more interesting element to boss eventing, no more spam stun. DO NOT DOWNLOAD *BROKEN SAVE SYSTEM*

Version 1.989 (1-9-2013) - Fixed unable to save glitch; this glitch is a perfect example of why having 130 scripts can cause HUGE ISSUES in game, sometimes it makes me wonder how the hell show picture can prevent save from taking place? It have 0 connection. But oh well.... also, further improved gift code system.....

Version 1.990 (1-12-2013) - Thanks to GaryCXJK's free movement script..... movement flexibility is much better than before! the savior to old stupid block by block walking :) also added free styled skill choices! no more Twilight based skills, now all ponies can have em. Added twilight's diary to the storyline. A lot of small bug fixes and skill twists. Also dammit, school decides to add one extra week to winter break D: noooooooooooooooooooooooooo..........

Version 1.991 (1-12-2013) - Free movement script and farming/house contrusction compatibility patch. Now you shouldn't get stuck.

Version 1.992 (1-12-2013) - Jump animation twists.... free movement script cause a lot of glitches but it is still better than before..... Some skill rebalance. Small bug fixes. Report them all! so I can fix them all!

Version 1.993 (1-13-2013) - Nerf on first boss, more instruction about shields, crash rescue for item dismantle and god stone upgrade function.

Version 1.994 (1-13-2013) - Fixed crash when you are in invisibility mode and died during boss fight.

Version 1.995 (1-14-2013) - Fixed silppery tile's compatibility issue with free movement (lamest script patch I did so far, programming syntax gone seriously buggy and everything just doesn't fucking work; but it is fixed with a alternative script crossing over thing that fixed the problem for now). Also, new and more vector pictures for combat! Thanks to MLP vector club for those vectors.

Version 1.996 (1-17-2013) - Fixed rock resource blocking the way. Fixed one storyline animation not playing in correct spot.

Version 1.997(1-21-2013) - Changed one vector image and one combat vector bug that prevented 6 vectors from showing up correctly (syntax was correct but ruby script suck my balls). Teleport scroll no longer consumed when not used (I know this glitch since the beginning; it was something to punish players for not thinking about things clearly). Hotfix: Add the vector image that I forgot to include. Add 2 statistics tracker.

Version 1.998(1-24-2013) - Implantation of Player based customized weapons ( not armor; weapon is enough already. But I can easily add it if needed). Little code update. I need people to test if God Tier Stone Upgrade function works (this crap broke for no apparent reason), but if it is broken. I will add something else to replace it. HOTFIX: Adding functions to perfection customized weapon concept. HOTFIX 2: Fixed stone resource. HOTFIX3: State "Immortal" is no longer that OP, item enhancement token can be used in inventory menu, nerf state "Sleep".

Version 1.999(1-31-2013) - New Item upgrade function added. Removal of stone upgrade function to something else (this is an example of why script developers for RPG MAKER doesn't understand what is robustable scripts, they just stop working for no apparent reason and it is impossible to fix because this thing crash without even giving any error message.). Also construction stuck is fixed (you still have to move away though). Fixed time control skill not working correctly. HOTFIX: Added housing unstuck skill incase you are stuck. Added amount-of-player-playing tracking. Autosave is apart of this hotfix (it will auto save when you access menu). HOTFIX 2: Fix Celestia chat. Fix skill circles only giving Twilight skills. ADDED BOSS THEME FOR EACH AND EVERY BOSS! RECOMMENDED BUILD. HOTFIX 3: Fixed autosave deleting first save file. Temporary solution added to house expansion upstair room being glitchy (script cooperation issue w/free movement & tile restrict script). Skill "Grow" no longer give you a dead grass... HOTFIX 4: 1 Spelling fix, fix upgrade options. HOTFIX 5: Lose 10k bits when you put 0 as weapon/armor id for item upgrade. HOTFIX 6: Add a safe guard to trixie bosses (when one of your character dies, and boss at 50% hp). Fix some skill sound effect loop. HOTFIX 7: Added over 50 skills + over 60 passive skills. New skill animation as well! HOTFIX 8: Fixed unable to go thru a cave entrance. Fixed timer not moving .Hotfix 9: includes fix of many passive skills, items and fix compression error crash.Hotfix 10&11: Fixed a lot of bugs, fix upgrade weapon/armor exploit.
Bonus: A little clip on pony racing concept.

V1.999 is the last update for part one of MLP RPG. NOW as of 2-10-2013 (Chinese New Year) MLP RPG is now in closed BETA for part 2. Epic functions are being added to the game that will not be disclosed until the game is completed. Trust me, things are getting epic and MLP RPG is getting game functions that WAS NEVER APPLIED EVER, to a classical RPG game before. There are still months left over before part 2 is released, but expect BETA version to be released and BETA code to be given out soon.
Status of “Closed BETA” is fairly straightforward….. BETA code will be given to everyone, but if you don’t report any bugs within 3 days….. Your BETA code will be automatically locked and you are out of BETA FOREVER. So everyone are BETA testers, except you will get fired if you don’t do the task. The reason why I am doing this is AGAIN. I don’t play MLP RPG, and also MLP RPG is a fan game; the game should be made out of fandom’s sweat, not just mine.

Version 2.000 (CLOSED BETA 3-9-2013) - Features new semi-boss concept and friendship point system. New 4 semi-bosses, new items, new stuff, new drops for semi-bosses, new achievement for semi-bosses.

Version 2.001 (CLOSED BETA 3-11-2013) - Boss hp bar, boss aura effect, combo achievements, friendship point achievements, bug fixes, config change for enemy HP bar. 

Version 2.002 (CLOSED BETA 3-11-2013) - Friendship point rewards section re-code. Now there is 10 completely different reward from friendship points. Now it doesn't stack exp, drop, gold drops.

Version 2.003 (CLOSED BETA 3-12-2013) - Game font change!

Version 2.004 (CLOSED BETA 3-12-2013) - Fix exp/bits/drops accumulation glitch caused by semi-boss.

Version 2.005 (CLOSED BETA 3-13-2013) - Some sound effect change, boss HP bar numbers, fixed that stupid exp/ bits/ drop accumulation glitch, skill balance.

Version 2.006 (CLOSED BETA 3-14-2013) - Improved the game intro, added more storyline, added storyline twists, change quest log, sound effect for chat, fixed enemy randomization glitch.

Version 2.007 (CLOSED BETA 3-15-2013) - Fix image missing error.

Version 2.008 (CLOSED BETA 3-15-2013) -  Added possible fix for semi-boss error crash (only happens on client side... for some players)

Version 2.009 (CLOSED BETA 3-16-2013) - Mainly focus on semi-boss crash error. Added new audio clips from Rina Chan.

Version 2.011 (CLOSED BETA 3-19-2013) - Combo system, more sound clips, skill re-balance, statistic improvement, caching improvement. Next update: Monster re-balance.

Version 2.012 (CLOSED BETA 3-23-2013) - Line error 166 Crash Neutralize patch for active bonus combo script.

Version 2.013 (CLOSED BETA 3-25-2013) - Added more combo skills, infinity challenge arena, Action time and combo system compatibility patch. More info on

Version 2.014 (CLOSED BETA 3-27-2013) - Monster mass rescaling, Fluttershy mp/healing skill nerf, solo Trixie battle, just ton of small fixes.

Version 2.015 (CLOSED BETA 5-22-2013) - ton of bug fixes, chat log typo fix, infinite arena RAM leak fix. 

Version 2.016 (CLOSED BETA unreleased) - Boss combat effects, skill vector slide (+ randomization function). Delayed until later update.

Version 2.017 (OPEN BETA 12-20-2013) - MLP RPG closed BETA is over. Beta key verification process is removed. Everyone can download and play. Now added new daily reward function, added more achievements, added new stamina, movement script update. Be prepared for update fests as I am back for more :)

Version 2.018 (OPEN BETA 12-22-2013) - Bonud Combo system update! Dynamic code entry and complexity/length will remain the same as before. Now combo system sound is updated! No more stupid low quality sound, now they are all high-res sound effect. Also everyone start off with 100 dash speed if you do the tutorial (so the tutorial is pretty much a must now).

Version 2.019 (OPEN BETA 12-29-2013) - Intro Combat system now dynamic code entry function is applied as well. Added approx. 20 voice clips thanks to Jimmy Ewald and Sef Arans. None-essential update.

Version 2.020 (OPEN BETA 12-30-2013) - End of the year 2013 update. Features the glitch fix for animation flow issue. Enhancement and Upgrade function is now well sorted. New client-side game file prepare method is updated.

Version 2.021 (OPEN BETA 1-8-2014) - First update of 2014. Old weapon/armor upgrade/enhancement system is removed. New one is added based on weapon/armor leveling. Feature system is added as well. Check wordpress for more detail.

Version 2.022 (OPEN BETA 1-9-2014) - Weapon/armor have stat variation, added tier system on top of stat variation. The higher the tier the more bonus stat you will get. Many small changes such as tokens are now used in crafting, now you can craft by clicking on the crafting book. Warning messages for bank and item disassembly function are removed since the new system are cooperate between scripts (so far). This update concludes the weapon/armor system update. Have fun killing with your awesome new weapon! 3 types of new lucky boxes are now unlocked thru crafting. You can get one of the best weapons from those chests and now featuring one of the part 2 godly weapon that you can get thru derpy token. Definitely RECOMMENDED to download and try the new system out.

Version 2.023 (OPEN BETA 1-10-2014) - ESSENTIA UPDATE! It seems like garden script had some issues with the weapon/armor system. Now it is fixed. I really don't understand how garden got ANYTHING to do with weapon/armor system.... Oh well, now everything should work again. Sincere thanks for the people who reported this bug ASAP and so I fixed it ASAP. It is required for you to get this upload if you used older version of the game as it will crash the game if you use house or use anything with seed.

Version 2.024 (OPEN BETA 1-12-2014) -Made it so the armor database is more organized... It should fix the glitch where some armor types like ice aura having wrong equipment slot. Added 1 extra achievement for finding legendary tier equipment.

Version 2.025 (OPEN BETA 1-13-2014) - A glitch were some ring or wing items aren't equippable, it should be fixed. Report with instruction on how to duplicate the glitch if problem persists. Also fixed a glitch for skill mastery where if you use Q or W to force a character change, it would glitch the GUI to show skills that are meant to be learned for other characters.

Version 2.026 (OPEN BETA 1-13-2014) - Weapon crafting book, added item that increases stamina regeneration rate, change maximum item level from 10 to 150 (forgot to do it earlier), achievement for dismantle.

Version 2.027 (OPEN BETA 1-14-2014) - ESSENTIAL BUILD. A game breaking glitch: If you save the game, close the game, load up the game file. NEWLY GAINED customized armor items such as perks, rings, wings, etc will become unequipable. Now it is fixed by forcing customized item to be in the right slot directly than indirectly thru the old script. Let's hope this method works before no more methods left in my pockets xD

Version 2.028 (OPEN BETA 1-18-2014) - Added 1 easter egg mini game early game (non-repeated). Added obtainable equipment EXP multiplier drinks that can only be found in random item chests/boxes or whatever it is called, that are rare-tier or higher. Equipment EXP multiplier is defaulted at 1x; the higher the multiplier the more equipment exp you will get! It will help you level up your equipments substantially! School started, there will be more conceptual updates :/

Version 2.029 (OPEN BETA 1-19-2014 SP) - Improved daily reward function. Now I can set up custom item/script server-side for daily reward so everyone gets the same item (prepare for some daily reward events). From now on, if the update log contains "SP" or support previous, it means save file from previous game version will work on this current version. Without it, it means it may or may not work. Note: If you use other game versions, daily reward function will no longer work!

Version 2.030 (OPEN BETA 1-20-2014 SP) - Official release of Battlepoint system. You can now register an account on the website and link it with your MLP RPG gameplay! Enter your username that you have registered into the game, and you will earn battlepoints every battle you fight. You can check how many points you have earned in the shop function located on top of FAQ section. Soon you will be able to buy unique item keys and stuff with the points you have earned. Items will be giftable between players and they can be used across all game versions. Much improvements will be made as time progresses. Inf arena memory issue fix. And other minor fixes.

Version 2.031 wasn't released (OPEN BETA 1-22-2014 SP) - Improved item tier system. Added tier enhancer items. It grant 100% item tier for the next item you get. Higher tier lucky chests drops will have a higher chance of getting high tier item. Added a new item tier: <ULT>. You can't get ULT tier thru normal methods. It can only be gained thru tier enhancer or other unique methods. Wasn't released because today had some website issues.This update will be within the next update.

Version 2.032 (OPEN BETA 1-25-2014 SP) - 100% fixed infinity arena. Tested 50 round + and passed memory check. Infinity arena no longer give fabled chest. Instead, it will give battle points. Extras: Boss hp counter, character hp and mp counter now support numbers greater than 100,000; the counter would no longer cut off. And other minor fix.

Version 2.033 (OPEN BETA 1-27-2014 SP) - Added method so player know whether or not the account link successful or failed; cuts complication. Added fabled chest reward for infinite arena every 10 rounds. Added 2 achievement for infinity arena. Non-essential update. OH YEA! I added 100M HP boss to infinity arena. Don't even try to kill it :) unless you got few hours of free time and most godly gears (no reward for killing it in infinity arena anyways).

Version 3.0 (FINAL 10-4-2015 Semi-SP) - Final version of MLP RPG P1. The game continues from MLP RPG P2 From now on, visit P2 page for updates! Nerfed equipment leveling equation. Buffed level stats. Numberous number of small fixes. Defeating this version when you are linked with battlepoint system will QUALIFY your account as returned player for MLP RPG P2!!! Which will grant you special effects in MLP RPG P2. Note: defeating the game with all previous versions will NOT count towards it as for now; maybe I will change it later. Ending of V3.0 will be a little different than previous versions (not significant), just text difference and removal of library map.

MLP RPG P1: 7-22-2012 to 10-4-2015. 3 Years and 3 months. 874 MB. Actualized development time: 10 months. Total game developer: One.


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