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    Part One & General Questions:

  1. *******Warning before reading FAQ*******

  2. Question: Do you have to pay for it?

  3. Question: When it will be released?

  4. Question: Beta version for part 2?

  5. Question: Can I help?

  6. Question: Gameplay length/Difficulty level?

  7. Question: Game focus?

  8. Question: This looks fun! I wonder how they are going to handle Equestria and Earth relations...

  9. Question: Why you still didn't fix xxxxx glitch?

  10. Question: Complete plot summary of section one of the gameplay? (spoilers!!!!!)

  11. Question: game mechanic preview of section two of the gameplay?

  12. Question: Did you mod this game from other existing games?

  13. Question: Do you care that there is other RPG about MLP as well?

  14. Question: Voice acting in section two?

  15. Question: 8 hours of storyline gameplay is too short!

  16. Question: Does your game contain virus?

  17. Question: Will you open source the source code of MLP RPG?

  18. Question: Is it true that you never played MLP RPG?

  19. Question: Final Fantasy VI reference in game?

  20. Question: Multiplayer?

  21. Question: Will you help me on my game?

  22. Question: How can ponies use weapons like Axe, gun, sword. bow?

  23. Question: Can you leave 4chan along?

  24. Question: You game is immature

  25. Question: Can you reward us for beating the game?

  26. Question: Can I have all of the music used in the game?

  27. Question: Why couldn't you fix "Item Dismantle" skill?

  28. Question: Will there be movie scenes?

  29. Question: Why the hell earth monsters drop bits and stores accept bits?

  30. Question: Custom game engine?

  31. Question: 1080 HD for MLP RPG?

  32. Question: Can you add my OC pony?

  33. Question: Skills aren't ponified?

  34. Question: MLP-Online got copyright fucked. Will the same shit happen to MLP RPG?

  35. Question: Development cost of MLP RPG?

  36. Question: Why so many patches?

  37. Question: I played the same map in another RPG before. Is MLP RPG connected?

  38. Question: Where did you get all of the ideas for MLP RPG?

  39. Question: Wow. The game is 700MB, it take forever to download?

  40. Question: WTF crashed. Please fix?

  41. Question: Why Encyclopedia doesn't register weapon/armor?

  42. Question: OMG. How many updates are there?

  43. Question: Share scripts?

  44. Question: Ponies don't eat fish?

  45. Question: Genre of MLP RPG?

  46. Question: What is CRPT?

  47. Question: Why so epic?

  48. Question: Do you work on MLP RPG like everyday 24/7 to keep it updated?

  49. Question: Why RPG maker for educational purpose?

  50. Question: MLP RPG will fail?

  51. Question: MLP RPG will win?

  52. Question: Are you going to add torrent download method?

  53. Security. Are histore worth earning for?

  54. In game animation is unstable?


    Part Two Questions:

  1. Question: Mining and fishing will be in part 2?

  2. Question: Is mane 6 all the ponies you can choose from in combat?

  3. Question: Are you going to give credit to vector artists and what about others?

  4. Question: More part 2 information? (core answer)

  5. BETA version, why so many part 1 content update than part 2 updates?


  1. My disappointment at the game.

  2. Who is Darkky game development team?

  3. Question: Little spoiler on specific part 2 aspects?

  4. Question: What do you think of bronies?

  5. Progression delay

  6. Question: Why are you a huge asshole?

  7. My offer to brony game developers:

  8. Convention panel plans for MLP RPG:

  9. Fighting is Magic.

  10. Equestria Girls

  11. Hasbro’s Intellectual property/copyrights and our stance.

  12. More characters?

  13. What the hell is penetration spell? I always get stuck with it

  14. MLP RPG's core educational limits

  15. In the end


Last FAQ update: 1-15-2014

Design update: 1-15-2013 comes with better organization style