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General Information:

The educational section will no longer featuring programming, 3d/2d animation, web design, music/video making, etc computer related subject anymore.

It will be solely featuring philosophy and psychology. To be honest, there are literally millions of thoughts going thru my mind right now about the future of philosophy and psychology I couldn’t possibly explain all of them. Bad new would be…. I am never certainly if my concept is flawed or not disregarding the fact over years of experiments proving the concept to be flawless. I am creating this page wanting the public to flaw my concept, therefore proving the concept to be flawless.
Anyways, this is getting personal and for those who don’t know who I am or never read my book on my website before (the book was removed due to lack of confident by me, but this new page will not be like my first book which failed miserably). I will just tell you few facts that you can of course argue against by sending me a ticket thru support page.
All current human philosophy is flawed due to the exceptions from the society/individual.
Able to define the exception means to be able to define everything about human mind therefore building up a flawless philosophy concept.
Finally I will have to say… It is already possible to define the exception.

I am not going to share anything about my findings to the public yet. It isn’t simple philosophy where people can understand right away just by reading/looking at it. I found it somehow related to psychology in term of defining people’s action. It has been a problem for me trying to isolate personal influence and concept influence to ensure concept itself would be safe.
Lastly, I am a person with great uncertainty. Even though after over 30 people (psychologists, teachers, church mates, philologist, and students) of testing trial to make sure my concept isn’t mad, already existing, flawed. Passing all of the tests, along with months of searching. I am still uncertain.
Alright, let’s get to the topic. This page will be most likely abandoned because I will not be going around advertising, talking or discussing about this page anywhere. It is now pure interest if you are reading the page and decided you wanted to help.

IF you are wondering. The reason why I don’t spread around my educational philosophy research page… It is quite simple lol… I don’t want to share my shit and I focus in real life methods to get my concept across, also because there are so much elements that gets lost when I transfer concept to text, and I cannot make much of clarification when I already have books waiting to be released. Look, I am here to provide in depth concepts and it just wouldn’t workout online with text and sadly, 95% of my current research is classified in a way I can’t just publish it online.

How this works:

This public released is topic based. There is 2 buttons below the page, click on the button that says "Next Page" to load up the next page's content. Click "Previous Page" button to load up previous page's content. The deeper then page, the newer the page is. But the pages are continuous, and it would be at best for you to read thru the page in order. Currently there isn't a way to jump to specific page, but you can spam click to get to the page you want.

How to help:

How to help is simple. Flaw the quotes below:
All current human philosophy is flawed due to the exceptions from the society/individual.
Able to define the exception means to be able to define everything about human mind therefore building up a flawless philosophy concept.

Quotes above is the central ground concept that value system research project got started with.

Send me a ticket from support page if you can flaw it with reasoning or else it will be ignored.I am doing this because I am an uncertain person. I need the public support to push the concept or else everything would be pointless and meaningless for me to share the concept to public.

Note: This is the time for you to be the critics! Don’t be afraid to flaw my philosophy, try everything you got ranging from something your grandparents told you to something you discovered on your own! Take this as an ultimate challenge that you are facing. Again, any flaw in my philosophy that I cannot explain would null all my research in philosophy.

Other than that. There is nothing you can help me with, my research is highly classified and not everyone are capable of helping, sorry.

What am I talking about?

Currently I am naming my concept to be value system (book naming was the second definition). It was named second definition because I used to believe it would be the second definition on how people's mind works while the first definition is existing human definition on how it works (I don't include myself within human category due to virtually trying to fight off the external influence, being the middleman). Value system was named due to its functionalities like currency money except it is virtualized by your mind; it have to be a system because it is combination of concepts together.
There are too much to talk about and most of that would be private. Even when I watch a movie I was forced determine the characters in the movie their value aspects therefore further more understanding myself by looking at myself which value aspects I need from others. Anyways, one thing about value system and its usage have been a mystery.
I can only conclude value system is meant for understanding; but the understanding of it will make changes. It is meant for understanding because you can never go against value system’s rules, but you can modify yourself to do the things you want and yet following the rules. Too much secrets than real concept right?
I wish the concept is simple as “survival of the fittest”, people understand it right away. But I flawed that by using some of the exceptions from the society where the fittest people didn’t survive, example would be people who lusts, addicts who waste their life for short term feelings. I am sure they fits into the society just fine, just they aren’t working toward survival; there are much more about life than survival is what I meant. You can of course add definitions to survival of the fittest like for example: those people wouldn’t fit, all because that’s their disadvantage in life. Then it leads back because survival of the fittest no longer held its effect when I am sure survival is no longer a term people work for now; people now days can buy survival thru money or sell their time (survival) for value (Like feeling, money, matters, etc. You will have to use my definition while reading books from me). Fittest no longer survive due to that. Survival of the fittest failed as well.
Little background. I am one of those people who enjoys and good at flawing concepts. I am racist toward flawed concepts due to it is racist itself by isolating the exceptions.

There was a challenge from a forum. Solipsism (idea that only your mind exists, and that everything beyond is uncertain and indefensible) is flawless. I hate to repeat on this page again, but I will provide a brand new answer this time. How you know your mind exists at first place, what evidence you have that everything beyond your mind is uncertain when it surely does to you currently? Did you disassemble yourself to see your brain/mind actually exists? If you never seen it, then I will have to say you are hallucinating it like religion. I will have to bring on one of my king cards when it comes to religion or any other related subjects.
If god exists, then what is its difference from believing rat (example) as gods? If god exists, how can you say there aren’t aliens? They all don’t exist in reality. Everything now exists beyond understanding unlocking the infinity to exist due to the fact you believe everything you think to exist and you can believe anything you like. Sadly, once the infinite is unlocked everything would be flawed because infinity is made from negative to positive; not only they cancel out but also they declare each other to be false. An example of infinity flaw would be: there is god, and then another concept saying there is no god. Since both concepts have the same power and they exist at the same time, it would flaw them both. Everything would go into a loop and flawed. Even my value system will be flawed.
Want an even deeper answer? Don’t get to this step if you have to unlock the infinite while developing a concept. Because it would be the same as millions of other religions, concepts; flawed.
From the explanation above, you might see that I relates math to my concept. That is true. I personally use math concepts to make understanding easier for people other than myself. But don’t expect this to be math class.
That is all I am going to put on this website right now. There are many other explanations like redefinition of love, family, etc but they are nothing compare to definition of human action. Which action includes love, family, etc anyways.


"It is always deeper than you think" - In philosophy, there is no such thing as called a limit. The only illusion of the limit happens when you discover the core philosophy, and it is still an illusion. If I were to give you a scale example, you would be looking at "survival of the fittest" or similar common philosophy as a drop of water in our ocean and its difficulty level would be nowhere near the next level, and there are infinite amount of level stages. The system philosophy I am working on isn’t about how long you stare at it nor is it something you can figure out just by thinking about random topics. It isn’t like science where you can solve problems by just trying out different kind of methods, it isn’t like math where you gain your success by just learning, and it isn’t even like philosophy where you just learn about simple concepts.

"It isn't about winning, it is about understanding" - Professionals in philosophy doesn't seek for a win, they seek for the understanding. You understand, you can win many times as you like.

"Each exception handler is a solvent to a door that unlocks one dimension of infinite while next thing you know, you just did nothing at all” – Exception handler to handle the exception itself. It used to be an ultimate stop sign to all philosophy. It is solved with value system.

“True system philosophy doesn’t give you formula, it explains how you create formula” – Similar as to saying system philosophy doesn’t declare statements, it allow you to declare statement with nothing but the understanding of itself.

“The game doesn’t end with understanding of everything” – Does God commit suicide after he created this world?
“The "true God" isn’t God himself. “ – I am not religious; I am using God as an imaginary object to achieve something beyond. I am not going to explain this.

“A flawless system once said: Fuck you core philosophy, you ruin everything” – Core philosophy is an inescapable loop that nulls everything in its path, that statement was abstracity to its max. It seems so easy to understand core philosophy and it is always a theory as the way it reacts. It is like looking at what black hole destroyed a planet; scientists behind you would say “black hole is still a theory, because we have no idea on how to prove it to be true; it is just there.” I might talk about this one day… Sometimes ignorance serves its purpose.

All of the above quotes are just lame philosophy connection that I made up in like 1 minute because I am bored and sometimes I want to be like a "classical philosopher who quotes craps to gain reputation" because people have no fucking idea what is SYSTEM PHILOSOPHY MUHAHAHAHAAHHAA.


One benefit from knowing the system philosophy is making you an extreme person who adopts in every single exception in our society and you can create exceptions that others couldn’t adopt at all. The power of understanding might seems all powerful, but the question is: Is it? From my personal experience, I can understand. However, when it comes to action… even I, myself having to follow my own value system due to the fact it is a system where no exception can be made or else the system nulls itself. The concept at first might seem off, it is like if God created this world, he ends up having to follow his own rules that he created. The experiment and research of breaking the barrier is simple; leave the system. Ultimate loop is: Do you still consider a human once you leave the barrier? Rock left the system; does it getting “it” anywhere? Can life form without value system? Given the fact even basic action such as “survive” relates to value system. If monkey without value system, he wouldn’t have the action to eat; in a sense his value system is just lower comparing to human’s. Also, I am telling you guys this isn’t because you can get to anywhere near to helping me. It is because I am really bored and why not telling you guys some modern philosophy loops that I found.


Current Philosophy Stage: EXPERIMENTAL.

I am finished with value system, the core philosophy is completed due to an ultimate dead end. Because of too much research information that overflow my mind everytime I talks about it; it gets very tiring. Philosophy compresses overtime, now it is up to the society to surprise me on what you can do before I publish my book. Oh yea... recently I found out that in politics there is such term as "Values System" which isn't even on Google LOL. The term's define disappoints me but it does have few connections by which means 0.1% of total connections. Again, my time is running out. A war with time, but in the end it seems you will always lose; however, who defines who win who lose? You and value system? But value system nor you is the core philosophy. Also, core philosophy is just "a pain to handle", said by a person.

Concept development topic:

Break thru of value system in term of action lead to another unknown developmental category. Which is time and loopage. Time, is based around one simple concept which is: variable based time manipulation; in which deals with variable accuracy, concept based calculation logarithm methods that defines certain time behavior. Loopage is currently a broken concept that is based on imagination of declaration of infinite, which is just a mad concept that is stupid but…. It is fun to think about if you got time and it is involved with thinking the universe is an infinite loop that can expand forever LOL.  Variable based time manipulation is an inherent of value system, adopting its complex concept on value variables, or value system or value aspects as I said it in my books. Currently, going back in time the concept of “concept, time compression” kicks in and quite frankly, there is no point in doing so. Going forward in time encounters same old variable accuracy issue, but there is a trick to it; if variable is the only stoppage, then in certain controlled situation it would actually come in useful.

Expansion of illusive value, possibilities is countless. But the focus will be illusive flushing effect and illusive recovery concept. The formula was already completed, in which illusive flushing effect is an experimental topic that is able to drop a person’s total value to a negative value within seconds causing a flushing effect based on a user controlled variables, probably will remain temporary; but that is all that is needed. Illusive recovery concept is a very simple concept that is just: make you happy by giving you values. However, value system made it more straightforward and easier, the implantation usage of illusive value, it is user controlled and connected with illusive flushing effect where once you apply illusive recovery to a person, you can as well as to flush it… of course, under certain circumstances. The reason why this topic is now covered is because people have been using it since the beginning, and I am here to show the real concept, the real force of this function. Using it from its natural BEHAVIOR IS NOT THE SAME AS UNDERSTANDING THE SOURCE CONCEPT OF IT.

Scientific relation:

You see… science replies on math and it seems like nowadays science have to be stick with math. The real question is: are you sure the limitations of math concept-wise can be handled? Then of course, limitation appeared when you try to calculate abstract element such as values. Math was built to solve one dimension values efficiently, but when it comes to multi-element values…. It becomes confusing. Math’s cross element value, solve method or in another word: when you try to combine 10 and a, what answer would you get? If you combine both, can you dismantle it apart later on? It is possible, but it is just too forcibly declared or unnatural the way it is. Back to science relation, if science were to discover the distance between two stars with their calculation method, I would be finding the source of human’s action based on calculation method as well. Both method if given enough variable can be the real solution, both uses formulas. I am really confused with the difference… maybe I am confusing myself because I called it philosophy…. Then psychology…. Then science because they are all really connected. I guess taking 4 years+ of science since back in high school still doesn’t declare the term of science correctly for in-depth determination; not my problem now :)

Exception handling formula:
For those who doesn’t know, this formula was one of the milestone of development of value system…. It is just one simple complex concept formula that successfully handled exception’s existence. It works by breaking an exception into pieces in term of value aspects. Once it is broken into value aspects, the system itself will handle the rest. It is like converting foreign currency into dollars; once this stage was complete, the rest becomes clear. Understanding exception was ONCE the key to everything….. However, exception itself wasn’t the source while other way around: value is the source of action. I will provide further more in-depth info in my book.

But understanding exception is pretty much enough for understanding of yourself; human, as conversion to value is optional and only needed when you need the source. It bring back the question: whether or not it even matters. Well, I am the one who always underrate concepts. It is up to you to decide it is useful or not to understand people in perfection; even your decision is formed by value…. That’s how universally used this complex concept is. People can live their life normally, die without understanding themselves…. Or they can live their life with 100% of the understanding of themselves and others….. Well the sad part is the fact that: people lived….. Without understanding. So…. Why am I here to give you such understanding anyways? Same conflict to the person who developed the internet… People lived without the internet. Why should I share my full research to bring such change when it never even matters? People lived and will continue to do so.
That was the concept of the core philosophy. Saddens me. But core philosophy is here for a reason. It provide an ultimate balance… in which is needed to keep this world flexible and parallel.
Core philosophy isn’t so hard to understand after all right? Just one simple idea that nothing matters; it neutralize everything to initial stage of none existence. Complex concept meanwhile is my war against the core philosophy…. Providing a kick to the core philosophy by understanding.
Oh, let me break it to you: this is just the beginning. In this world of thinking it is how it works. Once you get to know value system; the system philosophy….. You will realize another world of thinking is unlocked. Let’s just hope people are ready for that or core philosophy will take over. Either way works. However, there are differences in which leads to classified information that I cannot provide detail of. Why don’t you think about it?

Exponential growth:
Same as always. When a new field of research become available to public, exponential growth happens. When it comes to virtual development; no physical limitation were found… magic happens; Exponential growth take out of control. One complex concept can create infinite amount of outcome, even one unique variable can potentially cause an explosion, developing the same effect. That’s why as the creator of complex concept, I will have to invent safe guard and simulation to counter the exception; side story is that….. I have seen too much people failing to the last step, causing unexpected/foreseen problems. Example: value system literally destroys illusions due to overload of understanding, and the side effect would be impossible to calculate as the world we live in is full of illusions. And illusions are also linked with human behavior such as love, family, friends, etc. and understanding removes illusive value from them…. If value system explodes as people are becoming interested into understanding of action, the outcome would be problematic and unpredictable… or I am just too lazy to predict all that. Either way…. Value system is kind of biased toward visible value but at the same time the ground rule value system itself provides….. Protects illusive value…..
THERE IS NO RULE NOR DOES IT MATTER. – Core philosophy. Yea…. It is the truth. There is no scale whether or not such effect would be good or bad…. Nor I am interested into developing a scale. But don’t rely on core philosophy; there are much more to it than just little cake of information I told you about. The thing about exponential growth is once you are in it….. You can literally surpass ideology of others in exponential rate. Example: “you learned that Earth is round.” It is just one piece of information that doesn’t make you get the power of exponential growth. “You learned about computer programming”. It is considered a type of exponential growth where all of the programming tricks you learned can be applied to infinite amount of codes you can write, and it allows you to create your own unique code. Another word for exponential growth is the rate of gradually increase in advancement of given subject (I just made this definition up lol, it is hard to express the concept of it with language.).

Exponential growth is like a gift for mankind because it promotes so much advancement. An example fact from me would be: I invent new concept while writing down concept that I just discovered, literally making it pointless for me to even take note on new intervention; the progress and the time it take to write it is unbalanced. That is how crazy exponential growth can go. It seems the only limitation is the amount of source there are (you cannot make hamburger a source of action, no matter how hard you try). Oh yea, having such growth is bad. Life is boring as fuck; it is more fun and interesting to stick with not knowing something about life. But oh well, too late for me already.

Side note: psychology and philosophy have been “dead” for so long…. No exponential growth over the years… no new interventions…. Slow development growth……I might give it a little push; but it is still undecided.

Closed Ignorance:
I have been thinking about a fact of which…. If you become a philosopher, you will be kind of ignorant to physical world. But is that the truth? Of course…. NOT. We interpret the physical world; without mentally interpreting…. The physical world would be meaningless. We interprets then, to care about the physical world. Getting the idea? First, then? Last? But in a sense, mentally interpreting of things doesn’t improve anything. But oh well…. core philosophy nulled improvements as we would just mentally adopt. So what do you think? :) Oh it doesn’t matter; they are together anyways.

Power of definition:
To be able to define. One of the most powerful function of your brain: to define the chaos, pattern less world. Even if we are dropped into a world of chaos, we can define the world of chaos into a world of pattern, that even chaos itself become a type of pattern. That’s the power of definition. So of course, value system was one of the product from it; I defined it. Value system itself doesn’t exists other than a set of pre-existing patterns in our action, I just defined it to be powerful in a sense that we can understand it and have use for it. Like, if survival of the fittest was never invented, then you would have no awareness of such concept because you didn’t learn about it nor the definition behind the concept itself.

Variable based time manipulation:
Remember the research topic of this thing few weeks ago? It end up becoming easier than it sounds (finished it in 2 hours while watching a movie) and I will open source most of the concept to the public. Its behavior was originated from the fact that if you bury a coin in the ground, you can pretty much predict the future that one year from now, that coin will still be in the ground; you predicted the future with that variable or piece of information if you don’t know value system. Exception may apply, that coin could be taken away by a wild animal or something, but if you know such variable might happen…. It doesn’t influence the result. Now the key problem to predicting the future is first variable, then formula to solve the variable, and what to use when comes to solving for the result. Formula is the concept of this time manipulation and what to use… is your brain. What about variable? Oh, it is different branch in which I cannot talk about. But variable are just like information.
Variable based time manipulation was designed to remove the time barrier when dealing with a SPECIFICALLY DECLEARED TOPIC. Meaning, it isn’t efficient in total time control because of the high costs involved in it. But it is cost efficient when dealing with one topic. Like you cannot declare a topic like predict what would happen to stock in the year 3000, but you can use topics like what will xxxx do next year, morning when he wake up. Still abstract but it can be done with variables.
The point I am making is that human aren’t going to be able to time travel anytime soon in next few billion years if you are asking. And certainly human is NEVER going to be able to travel back in time simply because if “the future people” can do that, they would already done that and be here with our technology and it would create an infinite loop that improves our information indefinitely by travel back in time back and forth. So, why not give you guys the concept of early access time manipulation that we can achieve even right now lol.
Also, this concept might seems to be dumb. But it isn’t, this concept is quiet powerful if used by right people. It is also quite a fun concept to think about if you are bored, considering that variable decides how further out in time you can predict without hurting the accuracy, what kind of result you can predict with it.

Concept of thinking:
Value system is the source of action. But action includes thinking; the concept of thinking logic itself. Does it sound complicated? It is not as complicated as you might think and good thing is that…. It isn’t classified because it is just a simple logic! So how does it work? The simple form for this logic is just “everyone’s action are rational or meaningful”. How to define rational, what is rational? You don’t have to know about it in depth. If you want, you can learn value system for the answer. To be honest, some of you might already heard of this logic before. But the true meaning of this logic is to take it EXTREMELY. By extremely, it means define it extremely by applying it by force. Like one can argue that their action aren’t rational because they achieved their action while bored for example. It is still rational because his action was an expression of his boredom. Told you, this logic isn’t hard after all. But it is just the ground abstract concept of it that I just told you.
The concept of thinking isn’t just one logic. It is based on how you define it. So… yea…. That’s part of the reason I totally don’t give a dam to how you are defining yours. Which brings in the question of “point of view”. I am not going in detail about it, but people are retarded when they say a person’s philosophy is their point of view. Seriously? You know what? I am not even going to tell you the difference. If you don’t know, just stay stupid. Next thing you know, people would say math is just numbers when math can be transformed with letters as numbers with the same logic. Either way, the difference is fucking huge.

Concept of rejection logic:
This logic was originated between value system and my argument with my dad for….. 6 months. The story would be: I told my dad to come to America and I will tell him about my philosophy research (since he is a researcher as well, on different branch of philosophy), then after he came to US. None of us liked each other’s philosophy. We rejected each other’s for 6 months. The result was quiet fascinating because we both abused the logic of rejection with all different kind of methods. So, I summarized it as logic of concept rejection and I autopsied it into a concept after he left America, LOL.
Flawless concept isn’t flawless in a sense people can reject it. The power of concept rejection. It was needed for our brain to protect itself against external environment. However, the concept of rejection is quite simple and it is based off only ONE thing; and that is, declaration. Once a declaration of a given concept is made, it is done for. Declaration changes the value aspect of a specific concept, making it rejected by you or the other way around. Declaration can be changed, but how hard it is to change it depends on how host’s value aspect.
This is all I am going to talk about. This concept is HIGHLY expandable and applicable everywhere, you should learn more about it by experience.

My jumpy personality:
This is a problem I have been facing with for a while…. I never looked for a solution to my jumpy personality problem ever since value system was completed, I guess it never really interference with my life but I know there is such change. It was all originated when value system allows me to dissemble people’s action into precise variables, I understand their action and I feel their action held same power as my action because they all follow the rules….. So often times I jump to their personality just in matter of seconds. The good or bad new would be: It have gone uncontrolled…. I got myself into some deep shits online few years ago due to online hacking and stuff simply because I found there is no difference between being a law binding citizen comparing to criminals, but I got out of it for various reasons; after all, value is the only rule to our action, making me to have extremely jumpy personalities due to limitless boundary of thinking. But sometimes I am nicest person you will ever meet in your life. I found it to be stupid to debate about things, when I feel and understand completely for both sides of the argument, it is pointless to even choose a side when I know the source of it all already.
Funny thing is that some used to say philosophy change nothing. But it does, often times you don’t even realize the change if you don’t study the subject like me (I went extreme lol, so don’t be like me). So, get back to topic. Even though jumpy personalities of me seems to be out of control, I was able to detect such change and control it in a sense, because I think about my action everyday none stop….. Yea…. It sounds crazy but I can’t stop thinking about things. I think about concepts while brushing my teeth, eating my food, writing my homework paper, biking… even when I sleep, I think about concept in my dream. Which reminds me of few years ago when I was back in freshman in high school, I was able to control my dream with force, making it a huge simulator for imaginary things and events. I can recall dream anytime I want until I lost the ability to do that….. Now my dream are random, can’t recall most of them, I can only control partially of the dream mechanics comparing to total control in the past. Oh well, at least I am still conscious of such change while most of the people couldn’t (based on research statistics).

In theory there should be a type of personality that understands and sum up of all other personalities. But that’s just a theory. Our brain is limited in a sense you can’t possibility have a value system that is just perfectly made to…… be called…. Anywhere near as the host or whatever. The limitation is just there….. So… yea….. Not much of science fiction you can imagine out of it. But I will talk about system personality and personal personality due to the value system later on. Gonna get some sleep now (today is Chinese New Year, 2-10-2013…. Life is quiet boring. Oh well, I guess soon I will start working on a new system philosophy)

Side effects of value system:
I mentioned a lot of side effect of value system….. It doesn’t mean anything to you, really. The reason why it held such side effect for me is because I went in too deep, and for typical user of value system….. It side effect doesn’t commonly occur. Also, it depends on how you are defining the word of “side effect”, if you say significant change is a side effect, then value system is full of them and it will change your view about this world for certainty…..  
I once said, if people were all born without legs and someone now comes with legs. He or she will be called to be a mutant in the society. If you want to understand about yourself or just life or just ANYTHING, you have to start building a behavior of: looking for source. The source is the only way to lead you out of a world of illusion and lies… And yes, I know sometimes it is hard to find the trace of any. But take it as a sacrifice for higher level of philosophy study; the highest level known to mankind.

Things I am fighting for:
Yesterday was Chinese New Year (2-10-2013). I didn’t even call back home. Nothing is happening to United States about it. My dad sent me an email about why am I so ignorant to a phone call when everyone in the family cares about me; I immediately feel for his feeling as the old memories kicks back.
What am I fighting for? Losing everything that makes me a person because of a research isn’t what I had in mind when I started it. Either my goal of happiness increased or I am not gaining enough value for my happiness. The point is: I used to be happy. If there is a choice of being able to be happy or to be knowledgeable, the smart choice would choose to be happy. Value system even points out people are here for value and value points to happiness; happiness is a multi-dimensional value.
My transition between value systems made me quite an unstable person, further out questioning things I am fighting for.

I just have to throw this out there sometimes; something that puts a pause to my thinking for a minute before me diving into a world of further uncertainty.

Also, do you know it is once said that brain itself once gave us consciousness in which so, we; us, can actually study ourselves and beyond? Things I am fighting for is the source, from a philosopher’s stand point. I fight for value, from a person’s point of view. I fight for advancement, from a computer programmer’s point of view. I fight for my family, from a son’s stand point. I fight for survival, from an organism’s perspective. I fight for knowledge, as a full time college student’s stand point, etc. Finally, I fight for understanding, as final resort of nulling the purpose of fighting once for all.
Do you know completely understanding of ourselves ruins purpose of life? Well, at least now you know. But remember, COMPLETE.

Definition concept logarithm:
This is the concept that allows people to define chaos into order; an automatic natural behavior logarithm that forms our logic thinking. I will write more about it in a few days after declassifying it.

Update: I am uncertain about declassifying this field of study just yet…. Value system is more like a prerequisite for a more in-depth understanding without adding pages of extra information. I might declassify it later on.

The source (Basic, declassfied on 2-16-2013 relation w/ def w/ complex concept):
I often say the source this, the source that. I explained many times what the source is. But I will be talking about it a little more now. Example: the source of this hamburger that I made… is me. I am the source of this hamburger. That’s correct, you are indeed the source for this example.
Everything can be a source. However, the catch is that….. When I, just me… talking about the source. I often mean something bigger. Something bigger for which mean the source of action, the source of life, the source of the whole universe. It is the usage and the complexity of the source that really matters.
Anyways, it is just a little clarification on my side. So, I will now be talking about the source of the universe.
You know what? It is a joke. It is once said, or many once said, or everyone once said: source of the universe is impossible to solve, so does source of life (meaning of life)…… the chances are…. Source of action is impossible to solve too. Well, I semi agree that meaning of universe is impossible to solve with an “ANSWER”. Meaning of life and source of action is already solved with value system using a flawless definition system. You can understand why it is solved by learning value system because the topic here is the source of universe.
So what about the source of universe? People have been trying to solve this question for centuries and some claim they know the source of universe disregard it doesn’t exist. I am just going to throw this crap straightforward, I am not interested into finding source of the universe nor am I going to claim something that only an idiot would claim to discover.
Why? It is because the universe is infinite. Now using what I have taught you… the declaration of infinite you can now understand why the source is impossible to find when things cancels out each other. Why I said it is semi-impossible to solve? Because it is already solved with the complex concept of declaration of infinite’s linkage to source of the universe.
Getting it?
Using a complex concept as the answer; an answer with no definite answer but instead, it is only a CONCEPT. In which a mind can process. THE POWER OF COMPLEX CONCEPT IS THE FUNCTIONALITIES IT GAVE; THE POWER TO MAKE OUR MIND, LIKE A COMPUTER. TO BE ABLE TO CALCULATE ANSWER OURSELVES. The power to solve the impossible.
You can say complex concept as multiple dimensional concept. It really depends on your definition. Anyways. This sums everything up for this page.
Thank you for reading. New page will be added later on.


PS: I do understand there are understanding issues with my writings. Sadly, I can only correct them after I read my own work. It have been an issue for me because it seems I think too fast while typing too slow.... sometimes, I skip words lol.... oh well.

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