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  1. Question: Why? How? What is it?

  2. Researcher's note: The influence (important to know)

  3. System philosophy's background research team.

  4. Question: How value system was invented?

  5. Challenge: Share one of your top tier classified topic!

  6. Question: What is the "conceptual traps" you are talking about?

  7. Informalities.

  8. Question: You are computer science majored. Why not philosophy?

  9. Question: What makes value system stands out?

  10. Question: Aren't philosophers are supposed to create more quoted statements?

  11. Question: Why seeking flawless concept?

  12. Question: Why didn’t value do that at first place?

  13. Question: What is value then?

  14. Question: Are you atheist?

  15. Question: When will the full value system to be released publically?

  16. Question: Why not just release it?

  17. Question: I lived fine without value system?

  18. Question: Value system is the only concept you discovered?

  19. Question: I discovered the concept of the whole universe! Want to know?

  20. Question: Why isn’t value system just like what you said above?

  21. Question: Value system’s 100% definition for human action, potential?

  22. Question: Why not helping?

  23. Question: How many questions value system can answer?

  24. Question: How to help, seriously?

  25. Question: Does it all matter?

  26. Question: Infinite amount of understanding in term of human action?

  27. Question: OMG. Value system is flawing everything, why?

  28. Question: Are conspiracies like illuminati, UFO, etc. real?

  29. Question: People’s current stage of concept development?

  30. Question: How to be on top of a person in concept?

  31. Question: How to create a God in value system?

  32. Question: How to create a God without value system?

  33. Question: Under value system how a person’s mind gets graded?

  34. Question: As long as it is a concept, one day it will be figured out. Same to value system?

  35. Question: Proof of value system’s existence?

  36. Question: What happens if you die?

  37. Question: What about value system if user and developer you called are true?

  38. Question: Death would null your value system, how to prevent it?

  39. Question: More definition from value system please?

  40. Question: How extreme are you with value system?

  41. Question: Isn’t this a waste of time to research on something that isn’t related to school system?

  42. Question: Is your research inspired by anything, anyone?

  43. Question: What do you expect to get in return for sharing value system?

  44. Question: If value system is approved for academy system, how is it going to work?

  45. Question: Difference between philosophers and normal person?

  46. Question: What is system philosophy?

  47. Question: Is your philosophy 100% original?

  48. Question: Why not joining value system with psychology?

  49. Question: What is your goal in development of Value system?

  50. Question: How to you define difficulty level?

  51. Question: What are you going to do now?

  52. Question: What are you going to do now?

  53. Question: If exception is infinite, beyond everything. How you define it?

  54. Question: Anyone inspired you in philosophy? Book?

  55. Question: Why you don't take things seriously? I hate it when you do that.

  56. Question: What is philosophy?

  57. Question: Do you need any tester for your philosophy?

  58. Question: Tell me the difference between not knowing and knowing please?

  59. Question: What is your anti psychology based on?

  60. Question: What is the difference between behavior study and philosophy study?

  61. Question: What is behavior study?

  62. Question: What do you think about countries like North Korea or similar countries with such dictatorship?

  63. Question: Philosophy is the easiest major, why is yours any different?

  64. Question: Why are you classifying concept when it is something everyone knows?

  65. Question: Does Computer Science/Programming help in philosophy?

  66. Question: How much time do you spend on philosophy per day?

  67. Question: Why you like watching cartoon?

  68. System philosophy's academic influences - side benefit (unproven)

  69. What is the answer you are seeking for?

  70. Conceptual errors and its potential harm

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