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5 Ways AI knows better than you


There are many ways AI can know more about you than what you know about yourself. Here are top 5 ways: Memory – Forgot about your loved one’s birthday or friends’ birthday or far relatives. I am sure everyone forgets. However, AI have theoretically infinite memory and can withdraw useful and concurrent data (such as birthdays) much more efficient and better than human. Data – AI knows...



Continue from I. Read value system on the main website at best before continue. a + b = c how goes it work between AI, self-awareness and value system together? Let’s simplify: imagine people. You are a. Your eye, nose, ear, all of the sensory organ feeds the data package of b. And you generate the result of c. I as the system of a, encounters a friend (sees a friend, ears hello, smells air) and...

Self-Aware Conceptualization thru Value System I


Before heading into self-awareness of AI. What defines self-awareness? I think therefore I am? However, it only declares the existence and thinking existing of yourself (mind). Without body. Without a way to prove the existence of anything, anyone with the exception of yourself. That goes nowhere, without application needs that goes beyond its conceptual depth. Self-aware by an alternative way...

Welcome to system philosophy – AI Research and its link to philosophy


Whether if you are new to AI as a student or expertise in artificial intelligence you will leave with a brand-new perspective in mind around AI. Whether if you believe into the future of AI or not, it is important to accept the concurrent fact that technology is moving faster than ever before, computational power is much capable than ever before, and AI will only become more and more advanced...

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