Continue from I. Read value system on the main website at best before continue. a + b = c how goes it work between AI, self-awareness and value system together? Let’s simplify: imagine people. You are a. Your eye, nose, ear, all of the sensory organ feeds the data package of b. And you generate the result of c. I as the system of a, encounters a friend (sees a friend, ears hello, smells air) and I generate the system result of c (wave with my arm, use mouth to say how are you and smells air). a + b = c or A + B = C, it doesn’t matter what a or A or 1 or whatever symbol you give it to be (the equation is bigger conception to be a fixed idea)

Value system the conceptual system declares everyone have a value system, and that system is ever changing ever dynamic but it’s the only meaningful system that self-defines who we are. For people who haven’t read the articles to understand value system, in short: value system is formed by our values, forming together, combining together into a complex system that resolves our ACTION. Action is the key to self-aware simulation as people have no way to interact with the world without action and in value system our thinking itself fits under the definition of ACTION. Under the laws of value system (separate article), a + b = c is converted into Value system + input = Action (as the output). Since value system is changed by the experience of input (includes existence and influence of time as input), Value system + input = Action would be constant changing (However, do not confuse constant changing with concept of randomization that was proven to be non-existent or meaningful in our discussion).


Value system + input = Action equation scales with complexity well. Try to some thinking exercise by scaling up the equation see if there are any exceptions/errors.

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