5 Ways AI knows better than you


There are many ways AI can know more about you than what you know about yourself. Here are top 5 ways:

  1. Memory – Forgot about your loved one’s birthday or friends’ birthday or far relatives. I am sure everyone forgets. However, AI have theoretically infinite memory and can withdraw useful and concurrent data (such as birthdays) much more efficient and better than human.
  2. Data – AI knows exactly how much youtube video you watched by calculating the sum of all video watched by you. AI can remember how many apples you ate in your lifetime and when, and what type of apples. All AI needs is the ability to watch and capture (eg. Camera or sensors). If you know exactly how many apples you have ate in your life, then you would the 0.00001% who defeated AI.
  3. Subtle differentials – what kind of funny videos you like to watch, what kind of things that interests you, your online search terms, your video history or even adult content that you watch leaks information about you. These subtle bias and preference can easily to be mined out with AI but you wouldn’t know about it (a lot of things you do when subconscious)
  4. Calculation of absolute values – People are fast at calculating none-absolute values (and AI are catching up soon). But computers have been always faster than people in terms of solving math equations and getting absolute values quick and efficient. Even the top mathematician cannot do math faster than computer (even if you remember the answer already).
  5. DNA – Modern DNA analysis relies heavily on AI and machine learning. DNA makes who you are (at least biologically), and quiet frankly DNA is too complex for you, yourself to decode. You can only decode with the use of AI/Machine learning. Maybe in the future DNA AI doctor will tell you how to eat, exercise, live in ways that you are genetically built to do.

There are obviously more than 5 ways that AI knows more about you than what you know about yourself. Write comments if you want to see another 5 ways that AI know more about you than yourself!


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