Server commands: http://darkkyshadow.com/wordpress/darkky-minecraft-server-commands-references/

Server information:

Location of the server: New york, United States.

Speed: 1TB bandwidth per month (clears out on the first day of the month)


OS: Cent OS (Linux based OS)

Dedicated server, 99.9% up time (doesnt include updates), 100 server slots, backup would be made every hour.

Server information (Beta Server):

Location of the server: California, United States.

Speed: Unlimited bandwidth


CPU: I7 Overclocked 4.0ghz

Hard drive: 3.0 TB hard drive backups + SSD SATA III boot drive for fast loading speed

OS: Windows 8

Not dedicated server, 99% up time (doesnt include updates), 200 server space depends on work load, backup would be made every 3 minutes. Currently 100MB/sec server connection (dedicated).


Server information (Current Server):

Location of the server: West Coast of United States - Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Center

Speed: 100 MB/S. Enough bandwidth for everyone.

RAM: 3.5GB


OS: Windows Sever 2012

Semi-dedicated server or 80% dedicated server. 99.9% up time 24/7, server restarts once in a month or so. Complete manual backup every month or week, however: if a massive exploit or heavy damage is found. Chances are: server data will be recovered, manually fixed, and action taken into account, best without using server backups.


Griefing protections:

-Faction protection

-Potion Protect (Not for public implantation yet)


-Full Server Backup everyday or every hour. Completely server backup on my PC.

-Fully functional logging system. Everything you do is logged.

-World Guard



-Anti X-ray, Anti-Cheat